Muddle Age

Getting older. It’s a funny thing isn’t it? The general consensus is that we spend most of our childhoods willing the years away until we become adults and can do cool things like not go to school, go to the pub and wear what we want. Then at some point, we flip the script, we realise how carefree and easy we had it as a youth and yearn for the days of ‘being young’ again. Admit it; some of the things you love most now are things that felt like a punishment as a kid – taking naps, going to bed early, putting your PJs…please say that this isn’t just me!

Different stages come with different ages – baby, toddler, tween, teenager, young adult, middle aged and pensioner. But what about that huge grey area in between? That’s exactly where I am right now.

Picture the scenario: you’re not exactly classed as young any more (I’m not sure at exactly what age this label is officially cut) but you’re definitely not middle aged (though there’s also some debate about when exactly that kicks in) so what are you? Today, I’m officially christening this stage of life ‘muddle age’.

A muddle aged person is that transition between youth and ‘there’s no mistaking I’m a fully fledged adult’. We like to go out with our friends and have fun, but we may prefer to do it in the day/afternoon so we can get to bed at a decent time. We may be allowed adult things such mortgages, but spend a lot of time trying to cover up the fact we still have a mental age of 21 (or, in my case, 16). We still enjoy makeup and clothes but we also enjoy home interiors and nice looking gardens to relax in after a long day of adulting.

Any of this sounding familiar? Welcome to muddle age dear reader, enjoy it with me!

Thanks for reading,

J xx

Say Whaaaaat…?/ Things I’ve learned being 32

I’m on the precipice of entering my next year, so thought I would share some things that the past year has taught me.

I can add value Since starting my current job, I’ve been responsible for implemented new initiatives and contributing heavily towards my teams ideas that had lead to some pretty successful outcomes. In other jobs I’ve had I’ve been consistently shot down or haven’t felt comfortable in giving opinions because the atmosphere has been a little intimidating. It’s lovely being told that you have added value to others, and I now really believe people when they tell me this.

Skirt Pretty Little Thing/ Boots EGO

I am as good as everyone else 

This was proved when I graduated last year. I spent a lot of time as a mature student feeling quite inferior to my younger peers who all seemed so much cleverer than I was. However, we all stood side by side having gained very similar academic scores, so ther must somehow rattling around in there! (This is the actual cap toss from my graduation, see if you can spot me. Hit: I’m to the left of the town crier)

I can accomplish things I set my mind to

I’m not sure that I have mentioned this yet, but I miraculously passed my driving test in April! It was a big deal as I’d unsuccessfully taken lessons as a teenager so had resigned myself to being someone who simply wasn’t meant to be a driver as. I finally caved and decided to try again for my grandparents – they’re both in varying states of poor health and won’t be driving much longer, as I’m the closest relative geographically I felt I should be able to step up and help them wherever I could. After all, they’ve done it for me my whole life.

I didn’t want anyone to know I was doing it (Mr Alice and my grandparents knew) in case it went the same way again, but I found that I was able to master skills I’d previously felt were impossible…just I thought about my degree. But I figured, if I can work hard and get a good degree as an adult, surely I could do this too? And I did.

Bomber Missy Empire

I can bite my tongue 

Let me explain this a little bit more. I’m quite an opinionated person, and I have been known to suffer with a bit of ‘foot in mouth’ syndrome. I am am and occasionally still do, but in the last few months I have FINALLY started to learn to pick my battles a little more carefully and not let everything out. Sometimes, to keep the peace and enjoy the bigger picture, it’s better to stay quiet about some things. I don’t think this means I’m compromising in my sense of self, I think it means I’m growing, which I’m really proud of.

So the overall message for 32 has to be be this: I CAN, I DID, and I WILL. Not too shabby for a few months work right?

I’m hoping that 33 will bring more happy memories, more accomplishments, and more blogging capers. I’ve been VERY quiet on the posting front for a good few months and I am desperately hoping to change this and become my organised and inspired blogging self. Hope you stick around to see what happens.

Stay stylish,

J 😘xx