FASHION/ Jenny Chat 2.0 

My friend Pippa recently put a call out on Facebook – she’s expanding her photography/design business and was looking for people to help build up her portfolio. I got it touch and said “you can shoot some stuff for my blog, if you like” and she said “yeah, that sounds great.”

Oh crap.

I’ve been wanting to try and get back into outfit shooting for a while now, but the thought of getting in front of a lens for a full on outfit whilst I’m not feeling my best made me feel a bit twitchy. “Don’t worry” Pippa said “we’ll have a lovely morning and get you feeling good again.”

As our shoot came to a close I realised two things:

1: She was right. It felt good to get back to doing something that was a huge part of my life for a long time, something that me feel more like myself again. Plus, I think the pictures came out pretty well!

2- I also realised, this is just the start. I can start to feel like the old sassy, happy me, but I’ve also got an amazing opportunity to make Jenny Chat 2.0 even better. 

I currently need to find a new job AND home, which ate stressful adult tasks, but I decided to re-double my efforts, throw all of my proverbial pasta at the wall of life and see what opportunities stuck. I’ve worked hard to make my CV the best it can be, looking for opportunities in companies or industries I admire, and being as open minded as I can about what I need out of a home.

As I write I haven’t quite discovered what my next career or house move will be but I know deep down that I will soon, and knowing that gives me the positivity and strength to keep going until I do.

Photos by Pipoto, taken at Hull Marina and Fruit Market.

Faux fur jacket, Topshop (similar here) / Striped top, Topshop (still available in store, red version here / Jeans, Topshop Jamie jeans / Shoes, Dorothy Perkins (similar here)

Thanks so much for having a read of this post, I hope you enjoyed it.

Stay stylish (that means so much more when it’s an outfit post!),

J xx

FASHION/ Travelex ‘Get the Look for Less’

Happy #sunday to you all – I hope the weekend has been good to you!  
A couple of weeks ago I read a post by my girl Alex in conjunction with the Travelex ‘Get the Look for Less’ challenge – creating an entire look based around one of the top 5 A/W trends for under £100. Then the same challenge was extended to me and I thought “eek, she’s already posted some fab pieces!” 

Then I thought a little bit harder and decided to take the look into items that I’m already familiar with in my wardrobe:

Oversized wool coat – great nod to the trend with the double breasted style and button detail, and one of my fave colours. It’s definitely working its way into my go to colour along with black and white.

Utility dress – anyone eagle eyed may noice that I blogged this dress in grey a few weeks ago (see the post here) which is obviously still part of this trend, but I like the black one for creating an extra fashion-ey military vibe 

Lace up shoe boots- huuuuge fan of the lace up shoe trend (as my bank balance can testify to) I’m not sure if they are strictly part of the trend but they’re fierce and fit the overall look regardless, so I’m proclaiming they are!

Coat Pretty Little Thing £50/ Dress Missy Empire £22/ Boots Miss Pap £30

Total cost: £92

I reckon the £8 spare would be well spent on a coffee and pastry or a cocktail depending on what time of the day this outfit is being worn….mmm pastries, cocktails…

If you like my look and think it should win the challenge, please vote for me! Click here to open the social voting app. Thank you in advance and wish me luck 😘

Stay Stylish

J 😘xx