BEAUTY/ Body Shop haul

Yup, I did ANOTHER haul…I have shopped ’til I dropped lately!

I’ve always been a bit of a Body Shop fan – over the years there’s a few core products I pick up here and there (Mama Alice is OBSESSED) but I’ve bought loads for myself in one go. But I wanted some new bits and, once I started it was hard to stop! Have a peak…

The smell of this range is very light and soothing. In short, exactly what’s needed to chill you out as part of your end of day routine.

Silky cleansing oil: this is the only thing I’ve ever used that’s been able to get all of my makeup off without really scrubbing. I literally saw it melt away on to the cotton wool pad!

Sumptuous cleansing balm: this is lovely to smooth over my face after removing make up; when I rinsed it off I definitely saw how well it worked on my clogged up skin!

White musk smoky rose I haven’t used anything at all from the Body Shop since I was really young- it was a kind of right of passage as a 90s kid! I was drawn to this because I was looking for a new daytime scent, I usually get one of their fruity edt’s (Mango or Strawberry) but this had a different kind of sweet smell before drifting into the smoky rose scent that’s really cool for summer.

Eau de toilette the scent lasts a decent amount of time but I’ve already used up a lot as I’m wearing it every day

Body lotion helps layer up the scent with the edt, slightly runnier formula which drys pretty quickly and kept my skin feeling really soft 
Polynesian Island TiareI actually intended to buy products from the Pinita Colada range (to compliment my new pina colada themed bags, hehe) but after smelling it decided it wasn’t the right thing for me. I like pineapple and coconut smells, but this just didn’t quite have the right mix.

 I was intrigued by this range and expected it to be a really full on tropical scent, quite the opposite! It’s a really clean summery smell; almost like an immaculate suite in a chic beachfront hotel. These products actually compliment the camomile really nicely too as they have similar undertones, so a really great combination for tapping into the relaxation vibe.

Shower gel – I’m a fan of Body Shop show gels anyway so I knew I’d like the consistency of this. I feel so nice after using it.

Body cream – again, long time user of the the body cream (I’ve been loyal to the Coconut shimmer body butter since FOREVER) and like the level of moisture it gives my skin. The consistency can take a while to sink in or feel quite greasy if you put too much on, so a little bit is usually best

Fragrance mist – the perfect way to seal in the scent after using the first two products, and fits nicely in the back pocket of my handbag.

I usually don’t try to avoid limited edition ranges in case I adore them and then can’t buy them anymore, but I’m glad I broke my rule for some of these!

Stay stylish (and smelling wonderful),

J 😘xx