FASHION/ It was Curious Alice rocking mustard, in the street, with the sass

Do you like my witty Cluedo inspired post title? Well, im impressed with it! 

I’m OBSESSED with this waterfall coat- really, how I could I not be?? Since buying it I’ve had people stop me in the street to say how much they love it and how chic it looks…not bad considering it was a £25 impulse buy. I also have it another colour (shock of all horrors right) which I may share with you sometime soon.  
  These boots are real leather and a steal for under £40; I wear them allllll the time  I feel like the rest of the outfit is kind of ‘sassy spy’ with the all black/sleek/roll neck – Bond seems to wear a roll neck a lot in his down time so it much be true, hehe. 

Coat Miss Pap/ Polo Neck New Look/ Jeggings Miss Pap/ Boots New Look

I’d really like the title of this post to start some kinda fashion-Cluedo trend, sompleeeaaaassssse somebody pick it up pick it up pick it up! 

Stay Stylish

J 😘xx