FOOD/ Great British Food Festival (2017)

 (Image credit: Tastecard)

Last weekend I hit up the Great British Food Festival with Tastecard* as it reached the Castle Howard leg of its UK tour. Weirdly, as much as I enjoy food I’ve never been to a large scale food festival before!

Armed with comfy clothes, sensible shoes and a massive bag for all the goodies I was sure we’d buy, off we trotted to explore Yorkshire’s finest food in a field. But first, tastecard wanted to see if we had culinary skills…kinda.

Myself and the Mr both took part in the ‘Great British Blog Off’ which involved decorating biscuits with our favourite foods. 

(Image credit: Tastecard)

I don’t profess to be a decorating expert (quite the opposite) but for my limited skills I didn’t think my efforts were too terrible until the icing started to melt! Clockwise from top left, I did: rainbow cake, a slice of pizza and burger with fries.

They didn’t win but tasted nice! And then, off to explore the stalls…there were so many really lovely ones, but I’m just going to mention those I sampled items at (as well as chuck in a few more snaps of some yummy things)

Peckish Kitchen

I kicked off by trying the award-winning Pink grapefruit and prosecco marmalade; I’m not a huge grapefruit fan as I find it bitter, but I enjoyed the initial prosecco notes. This is going to be couple with another two preserves to make a ‘boozy trio’ giftset which would be perfect for Sunday brunch.

I’m a massive pesto fan so I dived straight in with cracker to sample the Roasted red pepper flavour (which I’m fairly sure I was told was one of their newer pesto products). It was fresh and delicious. Peckish is definitely the perfect name for them!

Cheshire cheese company

I think this was the hardest stall to get close to throughout the whole day; apparently everyone shares my love of cheese! I VERY into flavoured cheeses so this was a bit of a foodie dream; I really liked this Smoky tomato and garlic cheddar as it contains a lot of my favourite things.

I was very sad that I didn’t get to the savoury scones before they sold out (which was pretty early in the day) but they had a great selection which also included pesto and sundries to tomato…nom nom nom.

It was the sweet versions that really caught my attention though, as I like to think of myself as a bit of a scone aficionado (I do a mean Fat Rascal) but have never though to try some of these flavours before. It was pretty tough deciding which I wanted to take home to try!

Harrison and Griffiths finest Caribbean cakes

I love me some rum, I love me some cake, this stand was always gonna steal my heart! I sampled the Rum cake and pineapple cake and they were both so moist and delicious. The alcohol created a delicate flavour that complimented rather than overpowered the other ingredients, and I could’ve quite happily had a lovely cup of tea and worked my way through and entire loaf-sized slice for the remainder of the day.

White Lace Cakery

There was a mouth watering selection of sponge puddings on display, including this Raspberry and White chocolate pudding which seems to combine summer eating with a warm sponge perfectly.
Tricky Dickies sticky toffee pudding company

The main reason we stopped here is because they had a massive ‘sticky toffee pudding’ sign we spotted fro across the tent, which is one of our faves! We were not disappointed – their traditional version had a lovey delicate taste, and the salted caramel version was about as extra as a sponge pudding can get.

Vit Hit

This is apparently the lowest calorie, fastest growing soft drink in the U.K. So seemed worth a nosey. A lot of the flavours are infused with tea and have a really subtle flavour about them (very much like a flavoured water). The green one was a particular fave of mine.

Harewood Food & Drink Project

I’m not a gin fan, but it’s the drink du jour so thought it was my public duty to try st least one whilst I was here. The vendor kindly mixed it with a little tonic for me and I found I really enjoyed it, there were a lot of tasty botanical notes that took the edge of what is usually a harsh spirit. 

Kin toffee vodka

My mum is obsessed with this stuff! I’ve only ever drank this neat in shot form so I was delighted to read about a number of cocktails and mixers this can be pared with (including prosecco – is there nothing you can’t put with it??)

Ryedale Vineyards

The only wine I usually drink is sparkling, so I sampled Taste of Paradise sparkling blush which ended up being a bit too dry for my taste, but then on the advice of the staff tried the white Yorkshire Lass made with 4 different kinds of grapes, which I really liked.

There’s still time to sample treats from #gbbf as there are two more stops around the UK this year – their website details the dates and locations.

I’m going to do a follow up post which is a kind of haul/review of the items I picked up from the festival, so keep a lookout for that later on this week.

Stay stylish,

J 😘xx