FASHION & BEAUTY/ Post birthday haul

It’s normal to get a lil’ spend happy around your birthday right? Well that’s what I did this year! Here’s a rundown of my newly stocked wardrobe and beauty cabinet…

 Pretty Little Thing sequin bomber it’s ridiculous to think that I could have not bought this really…it’s beautiful! When I walk up my path and the sun is shining, I can see it shimmering away in my wardrobe, next to the cool af black version I bought a few months ago. I’m just waiting for the right time to share in a post of their very own so they can be seen in their full glory.
EGO furry sliders
These are the lightest and comfiest sliders EVER – perfect for taking on holiday now that luggage allowance is shrinking. I need them in more colours immediately.

 Miss Pap nude long sleeveless jacket

My sleeveless jacket obsession of last year has crept in a little, but I like that this is a longer length and therefore less potential for windswept moments. I’m looking forward to taking this on holiday in a few weeks.

 Boohoo navy harem jumpsuit
Definitely purchased with holidays/hot weather in mind. I have it in khaki which I wore in Vegas last year, it’s really comfortable and cool to wear walking around. I really like the extra pointy bits on gone side for an extra bit of drama.

Rock on Ruby make up bag, NYX soft matte lip cream in London, Benefit Watt’s Up highlighter, Nip + Fab Dragon’s blood fix plumping serum, Benefit They’re real! mascaraI clearly didn’t I got enough ROR merch with my 2 birthday bags (not forgetting all my tees and sweatshirt, and mug) did I! This is so cute and a great size for thre extra makeup I’ll need to take away with me. 

My usual #NYX lip cream is Stockholm but I wanted to try a darker shade. This is more of a pure nude which isn’t quite what I was after but it works well for daytime for the moment.

I haven’t had any good #Benefit products in ages so ive been long overdue to rectify this (I also had my brows done using the new brow products. Honestly, they looked fabulous). So far I’ve had lots of lovely comments on my lashes and am enjoying the more muted champagne shade of the highlighter. I’m used to using High Beam so this is a by more subtle.
NKD SKN Pre- shower tan, Barry M Molten nail paint in Copper Mine, Coco Brown Golden Goddess shimmering body oil, NYX Prismatic eye shadow in Liquid gold, NYX lingerie liquid lipstick in TeddyThis is my bronze-y summer collection of stuff! I haven’t tried the tan yet but will report back when I do. 

I like the colour of the nail polish but I definitely wouldn’t say that it looks molten-like when it’s on, copper with a silver shimmer running through would be a better description. 

I’ve wanted the body oil for ages and they finally started stocking it in #Hull it’s everything I expected and more! Great on untamed skin so this is going to look INSANE when I bronze up a bit. Tip: a little shimmer goes a loooooong way, so use sparingly

Recently I put a call out on Twitter for suggestions of a copper-y/orange coloured shadow, and the lovely Megan suggested this, which is turned out to be a great recommendation. The pigmentation is really strong and long lasting, so it’s become a go-to shade for me at the moment.

This is the third lingerie lippy I’ve bought, I won’t be stopping there! I really like this darker brown shade (though it doesn’t look this colour online) it makes me feel very sassy and cool. You know what they say: fake it ’til ya make it. 

A few quick swatches – all unblinded Left – eye shadow, highlighter, body oil
Right- lingerie, matte lip cream

Hope you enjoyed the haul, let me know which products you like the most.

Stay stylish,


BEAUTY / Brown. Cocoa Brown.

As a pale skinned gal I’m occasionally partial to wanting a cheeky #sunkissed glow, it just makes me feel nicer in certain clothes. However I haven’t dared to #tan  for the last couple of years as I had had a very unfortunate run of some of the WORST spray tans a person could have…they were bad….one tan was so bad that the salon refused to claim rsponsibolity and blocked me from their social media so I couldn’t warn their other clients!

I was introduced to Cocoa Brown products by the #HullBloggers and after speaking to their team about my tanning disasters they suggested I give home #tanning a go to see if I could do a better job myself. Challenge accepted! 



*Warning: I have no make up in these shots. I’m rubbish at selfies. I am also well aware that I am not skinny or toned*  




I used the Tough Stuff exfoliator sachet (full sized bottle is pictured) after a vigorous body brush on my body (mainly my dry areas like ankles and elbows). It’s literally the best exfoliator I’ve ever used – I felt sooooooo soft, warm and tingly all over my skin afterwards! And I felt sooo relaxed, which is always appreciated in the midst of final semester uni stress.


I used the 1 Hour Tan Mousse for ease and speed, which I applied with the Pink Tanning Mitt . I was promised it’d go on with a guide colour so I could see where Id applied it and that it wouldn’t smell of fake tan, at this stage stage that was exactly true! I found it super easy to apply but had to get Mr Alice to do my back half as I couldn’t quite reach. 


Thee was no way I was taking pics of me in this stage, sorry! I decided to start with a lighter colour so left the tan on for the hour (you can leave it on up to 3 if you want). It started to smell a teeny bit tan like towards the end but the smell was still overall really girly and nice.


*Warning- see previous warning about no make up/jelly belly etc*


The colour has come out light and subtle which is great for me! I had a slight issue with my hands as I’d managed to put too much on my fingers, but a quick buff with more Tough Stuff sorted the right out.


Because I went for a lighter colour I thought I’d attempt to to up on my legs with this gradual tanner. It goes on like a really thick moisturiser and has the same guide colour as the tan has which should help with application. However, me being, I got a bit heavy handed around my feet and they got a little bit too stained! That just means I need more practice.


Good! I can tan at home for a fraction of the price with better results, and I’ve discovered am exfoliator that is going to become my go to beauty product and saviour for getting gorgeously soft summer skin. I haven’t tried the Gentle Bronze yet but it’s going to be great to keep my colour looking fresh as it fades I suspect. But I’m already looking forward to trying out even more products – next on my list is the Lovely Legs spray now we’re approaching skirt weather.

Cocoa Brown products are now on sale in the UK at Superdrug and Tesco, and the company are also in the process of expanding into the U.S. We’ll all be Cocoa bronzed before we know it!

Have you ever tried Cocoa Brown products? And what are your top home tanning tips?

Stay Stylish (and bronzed)

J 😘xx