FASHION/ Weekly Style Round Up

A set of #celebstyle looks this week that is short, sweet and to the very stylish point!

 All Black Errrthang  

Yes Cate Blanchett, YES. Or should I say oui…Cannes perfection for me – Chic yet edgy and fashion forward, whooph here it is! I’ve just spotted a fab copy of her bomber jacket by Miss Pap which also comes in white. 

I haven’t seen Estelle on the scene for a while but daaaaamn, you can’t miss her in this frock! I adore the sheer/lace trends so much as they’re great for every season. However for something a little bit more wearable for a summer night out, I’d pick up this cheeky Missguided number instead.

 All White Errrthang 
Straight from stylishly dark to elegantly white, as you do! When in Rome eh Mollie…actually I think she may be in Venice but still, this is a great look to keep cool whilst look HAWT methinks. Her cute ‘n chic dress is by Self Portrait at Selfridges. 

We all know Vanessa for her super cool boho vibes, so I really like that she’s still working it in even when she’s wearing something a bit more glam. I salute her for staying true! I’ve found a great copy of her outfit – this gorge plunge ASOS jumpsuit, topped off with this chic cape blazer by Missy Empire

Green Goddesses   Georgia’s dress hits a few marks for me – on trend colour, great fit, the slinky material makes it extra sassy for the evening to match that sexy lil’ plunge neckline. I need this in my life! And the fab news is I can get it and not spend a fortune exact dress can be bought Pretty Little Thing but it’s almost sold out in this colour! For similar styles in the same colour see here and here. I’ve also found some georgoeus similar caged heels by Public Desire (be sure to check out their fab lace up range whilst you’re over there!)

Now, who is this hot mama and what has she done with Celine Dion?? Seriously – this is the best she’s looked EVER. Definitely giving the usual suspects (I’m talking about you, J-Lo) a run for their money…well a strut, it’s not a good idea to run in those kinda heels. Hehe. 

Struttin’ in Denim   

You can see it written all over the faces right – I’m fierce, I know it, now watch me go…well I’m watching you ladies! I particularly admire Mylene’s brazenness at having her underwear on show…when you have undergarments that fab (and that you helped design) why not show it off I guess! This is from her range at Littlewoods , it also comes in a bodysuit version for those who wanna show off but want a little more coverage in the stomach area.

I adore that she even calls herself Queen Bee now…as if we didn’t already know that she called the shots…hehe. I can’t find this jumper, I suspect it was made especially for her, so why don’t you hit up my girls at Rock on Ruby and create your own too!

Hope you liked the looks from this week’s round up, let me know which are your faves.

I’m just about to go into THE busiest week – a culmination of fine tuning essays, my dissertation and exam revision…send me positive vibes!

Stay Stylish 

J 😘xx

FASHION/ Weekly Style Round Up (Part 2)

I was just going to leave it at one #celebstyle round up as usual for the week, but I got a little overexcited about some of the looks over the weekend…hopefully you will too!

Over in Cannes… 

I was a bit windy it seems! Emma’s dress is one of my faves from the whole event- girly and chic. Natalie’s look is a nice mix of red carpet and fashion with the quirky print and length, I’d maybe have lost the belt (or replaced it with a plain black one) but her shoes and hairstyle are perfect for this in my eyes!


I didn’t want to like Sienna’s dress as it feels a bit too boho for Cannes, but I do kinda dig it honestly…Diane’s sheer panels down her thighs almost have that illusion effect set next to all of the gorgeous beading up front don’t they? Perfect fit and lovely shape on her figure. I’m wondering if her hair may be a bit too princessy in the end wit the dress though- maybe something straighter or a full up do could’ve been better? 

Cheryl looks BANGIN’ – or as the French may put it, tres bien madam Fernandez-Versini. Great fit fit, gorgeous colour against her skin/hair, nice mix of sexy and covered over, bit of drama wit the train and hair pulled back so there’s not too much going on up top. Loreal are right; she’s definitely worth it.

Soap Awards 


Gorgeous summer colour, especially next to a tan, flattering shape and I think the pockets are a cute modern touch. For her red carpet post-baby she looks fantastic!


This reminds me of all of the dresses I liked at the Met Gala, except this is nude lining so not quite as naked! I don’t know how I feel ab the hair, I like the style but a full on Hollywood waves would’ve looked extra amaze.  

This is such a quirky and cute look, I adore! The colour is so pretty and it’s nice that one of the girls took a step out of the box and did a two piece, and I’ve been pashing over these Sophia Webster shoes since I saw them at the Fashion Week presentation. This is totally something I’d wear.


Gemma can literally wear anything and look hot to trot – this dress and how she’s styled it are so simple, it lets her amazing body do the talking! Not that I’m jealous, honest…definitely would’ve done thing simpler with the hair (I seem to be saying that a lot don’t I!). 

Not people I would’ve imagined including, but I always appreciate a matching couple (I know they’re not a couple but they’ve obviously gone together and matched) and the colour they’ve gone for is gorgeous! Gilly’s dress is stunning, AND her hair looks great! Adam’s patterned details up top and the pop of blue create some extra interest and give him a lil fashion twist. Good on him for changing the game up after years of walking the carpet in the same kind of monkey suit!

One For the Road  
One on hand, Kate’s figure is so insane that it’s kind of ashame she’s covering it up so much…on the other, her 70s chic style is totes rocking my world! Wouldn’t change a thing.

So what are your fave looks from my second instalment, am I being too critical about everybody’s hair?!?

Stay Stylish

J 😘xx

FASHION/ Weekly Style Round Up

I’m sharing this a little early this week – there’s been so much great celeb style already that I got excited! 

Stripey Girls    

I adore stripes, they’re just another fab way to wear monochrome for me, and apparently for these lovelies too! The fact that they’re all rocking them in a different trend shows how well they can fit into every girls wardrobe, and they should. Vicky’s actually wearing a midi skirt (kind of think it could look like culottes when she’s not moving) from her own VIP collection with Honeyz which also comes in black – it’s one of those great items that could be taken from day to night with a change of top and shoes. It’s very difficult to see Kendall and NOT obsess with what she’s wearing to be honest! This outfit is simple, chic and flattering which is what she’s fast becoming known for in her off duty days. I haven’t yet found any similar culottes or coords but I did find this fab trouser/cap sleeve alternative with Pretty Little Thing. Adore Chole’s shirt dress, it’s actually one I’m just about to buy from our mutual fave Pretty Little Thing. It’s really great when people in the public eye wear something that’s accessible to the people who follow them…I just hope it doesn’t sell out before I snap it up! Stacey’s turning up her fash credentials in this gorge maxi shirt- these are such a good buy as they can be worn in a few different ways and will carry right through to autumn when we need to layer up again. Hers is by Liquorice. I’ve also spotted this fab one in River Island, it’s geo print rather than stripes but it’s all kinds of gorge.

 Green Goddess I’ve actually featured Rosie’s dress on an previous style round up as seen on Willow Smith- but Rosie makes it look so chic and boho glam that I had to put it in again! It’s designer so not for most of our bank balances but I’m hoping the high street will take note and produce something peacock and marvellous for us to channel the vibe. I don’t care for the way Lauren is portrayed in MIC but I for sure care for her look in this DVF retro jumpsuit from Matches. The classy way to do 70s for thee season right there!

 Girls Night Out You probably couldn’t get three more different looks right! Queen Bey is screaming “I’m hot, see me slaaaaaaay as I strut” for Nicola it’s “I’m chic, I’m a fashionista, and I’m rocking this coat as a dress because I’m a maverick and make it look gooood” and we have the lovely Vanessa “I’m a girls girl in my skate dress, but it’s leather because I’m a lil bit cheeky with it”. Nice work ladies! 

Miranda’s Back!


Yay! I feel like she’s been in hiding or something as I haven’t seen her in the press for ages, but now she’s back and she’s everywhere looking too glam to give a DAMN! Both in the daytime in this simple yet sexy polka dot number and with this HAWT pink plunge dress…not for the faint hearted, but I’ve found a ore wearable Verizon of this for the less brave at Boohoo.

In Cannes…. It’s all kicking off for another year…there’s been so many day and night rd carpet looks already, but these two from day 1 are still my faves. Naomi is a vision in silver feathers and that green and pleating looks insane on Lupita.

Finally – Just Because…. 

This isn’t exactly celeb street style, but it’s so awesome I thought I’d sneak it in anyway! If anyone can tell me 1: where I can get my hands on one, and 2: where it would be acceptable to wear it, I’d be most grateful! 

That’s it for another week. Final year uni stress is meaning I’m struggling a little to keep up with my usual blogging schedule so thank you for bearing with me in my busy time. Normal service will be resuming soon! Send me some positive vibes in the meantime.

Stay Stylish

J 😘xx