I really like the vibe of taking a super sexy material like leather (or pleather, in this case) and cas-ing it down a bit with a cool tee . The problem is that I don’t usually get both of things in my wardrobe at the same time…not any more! Big shout out to Dom, the designer of my awesome Clueless tee – when he launched this collection he asked his Instagram followers what other designs we would like to see, I said Clueless…days later he had sketched out this beauty. I realised after these pics were taken that my skirt wasn’t in the right place- it should be high waisted and look a bit more flattering than this! And FYI: my bitch face is also back a little bit…   


I’m so pleased it was sunny enough to wear my fave Quay Australia sunnies too, and it was reasonably warm for this time of year too! This was the very first time I got to wear my new EGO boots as well – very D&G, very fab, and (as an extra for this cray cray weather) totally wipe clean if you step in that awful winter mud.

T-shirt Dom and Ink x Rock on Ruby/ Skirt Dorothy Perkins (similar here)/ Boots EGO / Sunnies Quay Australia (sold out)

Share what tee designs you’re loving at the moment, or if you own one of the Do /ROR designs tweet me so I can see!

Stay Stylish,

J 😘xx

FASHION/ Aint Nuthin’ but a Clueless fangirl

You’ve probably seen me state this a hundred times, but it’s true – I’m a HUGE fan of the 90s chick flick Clueless. Cher Horowitz and her pals will forever be some of my fave fashion icons of all time. Me and my boy about town pal LDW always argue over who gets  to be Cher; as he’s Jewish (as she is) and has waaaay fancier clothes than me he usually wins, so Dion it is! However this is probably a little more casual than the Beverley Hills gals would ever rock, but it’s my Curious Alice take on their look.    
Lots of texture going on – the skirt is thick wool (and high waisted, which you may not be able to see) the jumper is THE softest thing I think I’ve ever touched in my life. I kind of wish they’d have had a class of 1983 though, which is my birth year, but there is a Brooklyn pizza sweatshirt so they may be forgieven…the jumper is kind half tucked in as I wanted that relaxed kind of vibe rather than a full on fitted look, but I’ll definitely be using the high waist to create a look like that soon.

The boots are an awesome mix of comfy yet sassy (adore that word right now, apologise for the over use) and they’ve had a lot of compliments around the office already

Jumper Project Social T/ Skirt Top Shop/ Boots Sole Wish

Does anyone else channel their inner Clueless, or is it just me? Let me know!

Stay Stylish

J 😘xx