Let’s Chat – February 2020

For a short month (even though we had an extra day in it this year) I’ve had a super busy time!

Slight disclaimer – I’ve been pretty terrible at taking pictures of what I’ve been wearing (hair and nails are in) but I can reveal I’ve been enjoying a lot of faux leather and statement sleeves..

  • Bad Boys for Life soundtrack
  • Bon Jovi Jonas Brothers
  • Throwback hits on Viking FM

  • Bad Boys for Life: it’s the perfect balance between super serious action film and cheesy cop comedy, deffo recommend
  • Sex Education season 2: even more unanswered questions than the end of last season, sure there’s going to be a third, right?

  • -Saw Michael McIntyre live: last minute warm up gig for his Netflix spesh
  • Saw Lloyd Griffith live: #LetLloydSingAtWembley
  • Saw Jimmy Carr live: a crazy woman claiming she was called Hilary Clinton heckled, a LOT
  • I went on the radio: this time I was on the BBC Radio Humberside afternoon show talking about how blogging can make you more employable (based on this post)
  • Saw Phil Wang live: have we seen a pattern for the month here?? Usually our comedy gigs are far more spaced out, but if ever there was a time I needed a good laugh it’s now so I’m kinda grateful
  • Holiday booking: I’ve booked a girls trip to Ibiza for the month after for my sister-in-law’s 40th birthday. We’re doing the full shebang with Ocean Beach and everything. I’m excited yet a bit scared!
  • I met Latrice Royale: After being kindly gifted entry to the first Pride in Hull Queer AF event in January, myself and Kat booked (and paid for) tickets to the second event which was headlined by Drag Race Season 4 alum Latrice.

2020 is already proving pretty busy and expensive, but I’m very much here for it so far!

Thanks for reading, J xx

COMEDY/ Sarah Millican: Control Enthusiast (March 2018)

I headed out on a very chilly Friday night to see Sarah Millican on her Control Enthusiast tour when it landed at Hull City Hall earlier this month. In a bit of a first for me for a comedy gig, I went along with my mum for a girl’s night out – enjoying a pizza and sticky toffee pudding with ice cream en route (I feel this is how Sarah would’ve wanted us to start the night). I’ve seen Sarah live once before and own all of her DVDs which I re-watch fairly often, so I was excited to enjoy her new material. Once again, I’ll try not to do too ma any spoilers!

Hitting the stage, Sarah launched her set with anecdotes about road rage – which most definitely hit the mark with me (you may remember that I felt a similar affinity with part of Jason Manford’s show) however unlike Sarah I don’t masked any of the hand gestures she recommended!

Unlike Jason, who prefers to do the whole gig himself, we were introduced to Sally-Ann Hayward as the opening support act. I know I said in my last comedy review that the absence of support meant you get better value for money from the act you’ve paid to see, but support acts also give you the chance to discover new comedians at no extra cost, which is also good value. During her last tour Sarah brought along Tom Allen, who I thoroughly enjoyed and try to catch whenever he’s on TV. Sally-Ann’s was female oriented with some sarcastic observational jokes thrown in, which complemented the main event pretty well.

Welcoming Sarah back to the stage she cracked straight on with her trademark ‘too much information about female stuff’ humour by letting the audience know she was having issues with a misplaced sanitary towel!

Moving into the main body of material – we were treated to jokes about pornos (storyline, sex and POV) bra fittings (visiting the Queen’s bra fitters and asking for people’s worst experiences) and body confidence (eat food and don’t give a shit about society ideals) amongst other things. Mentions of Sarah’s family also made a welcome re-appearance; I enjoyed having a chuckle about her parents and husband, as well as the “rhythmic clinking” activities of her adorable dog. I only take slight issue with her comments on Guinea Pigs – as a former Mother to Pigs (yes, mother) they’re not a poor man’s rabbit, mine were super cute and hilarious AF to watch with their quirky mannerisms.

Sarah likes to offer a little extra added value and support a charity on each of her tours – on the way out there were badges bearing two of her fave slogans, ‘No’ and ‘I’m Champion’, as well as collection buckets to support the local branch of The Samaritans. The proceeds raised from previous show collections have helped to fund up to 10 days of resources to help those in need, which is truly heartwarming.

Both mum and I left feeling extremely entertained and in good spirits, as I knew I would be, and mum now understands the subtext of the aubergine emoji. Mum’s summary was “she swears a lot more than I realised she did, but I had a bloody good time” since she was cackling next to me from start to finish, I can confirm she did!

I’d definitely say that a Sarah Millican gig is best enjoyed in the company of other women – my Mr finds Sarah funny, but some of her more ‘female’ humour just can’t resonate with him so he just can’t relate.

Thanks for reading,

J xx

COMEDY/ Jason Manford: Muddle Class (January 2018)

My first ever comedy post!

I decided a couple of weeks ago that I wanted to start including comedy gig reviews as part of my regular aesthetic – comedy is a huge part of my life and I go to a lot of shows every year, so it makes sense that I would include on my blog alongside other things I’m passionate about. I had a few of these planned throughout 2018, so I hope that you enjoy reading them and that it inspires you to go along and see some of the people featured (for that reason, I will try my best to minimise ‘spoiler content.

I’ve seen Mr Manford live a couple of times previously and have enjoyed his performances – with some comedians I’ve liked on TV in the past I’ve been left disappointed when they’ve not quite lived up to my expectations in the flesh.

Jason visited Hull City Hall on the 2nd night of his 180 date Muddle Class tour, so I saw his new material hot off the press. The performance lasted around two hours and there was a short interval in the middle – a lot of big name comedians have support acts, however Jason is quite open that he doesn’t because he’s a “tight arse” and won’t pay for somebody to do something he can do himself! It makes the ticket price better value for money as you’re seeing more of who you’ve booked to enjoy for the evening.

He knows his audience well and covers a variety of subjects in his very Northern, observational style of humour – in the first half this included the education system (he has 5 children), political correctness gone mad and the point at which you realise you may be overweight (highlighted with an anecdote about getting lodged in water slide).

The second half was just as good and really appealed to my life in particular – inconsiderate/ hypocritical drivers (I do a fairly long commute to work each day and I cannot tell you how annoying – and scary – it is when drivers coming towards you or right up behind with lights so bright that you can’t see anything). The ‘Jeff from speed awareness’ section was particularly funny.

Jason also discussed the name of the tour, Muddle Class, and what it means – the daily struggle between the class you were brought up in and the classes you seem to toggle between as an adult and, more amusingly, what happens when your kids are living in a different class to the one you grew up with.

He ended the show with an insight into being a father of lots of children in a “modern situation”. It’s not one too many people can relate to but his advice was this – once you pass three, forget about having a normal or decent car!


Did I laugh out loud? Yes – A LOT (though I should point out that I find a lot of things funny that I don’t necessarily laugh out loud to, so this wouldn’t have been a deal breaker)

Would I buy the DVD of this tour? Yes. Jason’s brand of comedy remains funny, relevant and easy listening.

Will I go and see him live again? Yes. His material is still fresh and enjoyable (which I think it probably helped by not touring every single year and pursuing other things – he’s recently made an album and has performed in the west end)

I hope you enjoyed reading about something a bit different, I have more planned throughout the year in between my usually fashion with a bit of food/beauty/lifestyle thrown in.

Thanks for reading,

J xx