BEAUTY/ Why I finally gave Lush a try (and what I picked up)

That’s right, you did indeed read the correctly: I have never bought a single thing from Lush, nor have I ever been compelled to. Do t get me wrong, their stuff looks gorgeous on pics and I really like their brand message, but every time I walk past a stored I’ve been hit too many smells that have frankly made me a little queasy. I’ve been inside just the once with Alex and it wasn’t quite so severe, but still I wasn’t tempted.

However a talk I attended by artist Mandy Barker made me have serious think about my skincare choices (she made me think quite hard about a lot of things, but this one hit the closest to home). She uses plastic debris collected from around the world to highlight the issue of its pollution, and one of the fastest increasing threats to this are plastic nodules found in beauty products such as face scrubs. As well as washing up on beaches and almost ‘becoming’ the sand, they’re easily ingested by marine life and are making their way into the food chain and also the bloodstream. Pretty serious stuff.

Until hearing this, I had zero clue that my hero product face scrubs contained plastic. I mean, with so many other natural things going in to them, why would you think they needed to do this? I can’t do much about what’s gone before, but I thought I could definitely make better choices in future, which is why I felt it was time to make a second trip to store to see if I could live that Lush life.

Popcorn lip scrub 

This was the only thing I actually needed as my lips have been ridiculously flaky. Because of the ingredients the texture is more delicate yet scrubs really well without leaving anything nasty near your mouth. I like the popcorn scent but sometimes it overpowers me and I want to eat it!

Rub Rub Rub shower scrub

Not gonna lie; this went in my basket because the sales assistant told me it was awesome and could be used on hair too. Helloooo lazy gal product! This smells ands feels lovely on my skin – I get my preferred harden scrub using it with dry skin, using a little with water makes it a little softer but still leaves your skin feeling awesome. 

Honey I washed my hair shampoo bar

Big sea sal shampoo

Not really quite sure why I bought a sea salt shampoo when I already had a product that did the exact same thing…I like the idea that it would help give my super fine hair some volume, and in the process my hair smelled sooooo good! I kept wafting it in Mr Alice’s face shouting “smell how clean it is!” I’m going to try and limit the use of this as sea salt will strip some of the toner out and dull the blonde.

It’s raining men shower gel

I’m now more than happy to admit that I’ve been wrong about what lies behind Lush’s heavily scented interior, and that I’ll definitely make more purchases in future. If you have any tips for what should be on my list feel free to leave them in my comments.

Stay Stylish (& keeping living that lush life!)

J 😘xx