FASHION / Putting on the Ritz *Flashback Friday*

I really enjoyed my #flashbackfriday post last week! so thought I’d do another! 

The Memory – Tea at The Ritz 21 June 2013    

I can be very specific with the date of this because it was important – longest day of the year, Prince William’s 31st birthday….and my 9th successful year of being 21! I think most people call this turning 30; but I don’t care what they put on the cake, I don’t think my head will ever move past 18! 

Anyway, Mr Alice pulled out all the stops to help me achieve another bucket list fantasy by taking me to tea at The Ritz. It did NOT disappoint – the staff (as you would expect) were superb, the atmosphere was happy and I didn’t think it was possible to eat so much of such little food items! It was the most amazing #birthday celebration EVER. 

Present Day Inspo

(Just trying to be funny with this pic, which wasn’t taken at The Ritz)

 Honestly with this look I wouldn’t update the overall thing – I feel the #skater style of is great for my shape as is the lace detailing round the waist. The style is a really classic one that Philip Armstrong channels a lot that I adore  


(Pics taken from the Philip Armstrong website)  

My dress is by AX Paris and it’s still a really popular style in (I actually own it in cream too but haven’t had the opportunity to wear it even after all this time! Must change that) 

I definitely tweak the accessories to make them more current. The shoes. I’d still keep simple (the lace detail is enough) but go for something a bit more summer like these New Look barely there sandals

 However I’d definitely carry a pair of Roll a Sole pumps with me for afterwards when me feet get ore walking around London!

I’d need a bag that was big enough to fit in essentials but small enough to fit nicely under a table, so this Dorothy Perkins one is ideal


And as before, my sleek ballet bun is courtesy of Lauren Pope’s Hair Rehab London

What do you think of my #Ritz look – what would you wear, or what have you worn if you’ve been?

Wishing you a great start to #May a lovely #Friday and a fabulous #BankHoliday weekend to all of workers in the UK!

Stay Stylish

J 😘xx

FASHION / Breakfast at Tiffany’s *Flashback Friday*

It’s nice to relive lovely memories from the past right? So I thought I’d try something a little different – taking one of my previous looks from a #FBF and put together some ideas to update it a little…

The Memory – New York City, August 2013  

 A bucket list dream come true! Thanks to Mr Alice, who whisked me away to the Big Apple for my 30th Birthday. This is genuinely how you do Breakfast at Tiffany, by the way, they didn’t refuse to let me in or anything! See

 At the height of summer I don’t think I would’ve survived in such a covered in black look a la Hepburn, so I did I kind of girly version with shoes I was I could walk around in. Not gonna lie, kind of wish I’d have added the tiara though!

Present Day Inspo

If I was going to do it again (and if I have it my way, I will) I’d up the ante a little – slightly more glam day dress that was maybe a little more Carrie Bradshaw. These AX Paris beauties are the perfect example   

With shoes I’d still stick with flats because I can only strut so far in a good pair of heels these days, but I’d just update the shape a little so that they look a bit more current. Dorothy Perkins have a gorgeous selection (and they’re all discounted today, go go go!) 


If you’re wasting standing up you need a shoulder/ arm bag so you’re hands are free. I was torn between two options: this gorgeously girly River Island fluff, or this more chic New Look tote 


I’d still keep my hair, which is courtesy of Hair Rehab London

What do you think of my updated look, which pieces would you pick or change?

Stay Stylish

J 😘xx