Cool for the summer: hacks to help you through a heatwave

Friends, it is HOT. Or as we say I the fair city of Hull, “It’s maftin’ “

People like to berate the great British public for moaning about the heat, but let’s be honest – unless we’re on a sun lounger in swimwear sipping on something cold with our out of office firmly on, we’re simply not built. Our houses are built to keep heat in and without air-conditioning, and to be honest we never really know if and when the sun is gonna show up, let alone for how long or strong it’s rays may be.

So let’s make sure we’re prepared; not just with the water and spf, but with other little tips and tricks to make the days (and nights) a little easier to deal with. Some of these you may already know and be reminded of, some you may not.

Keep those curtains CLOSED

Keep your curtains closed where possible to and open your windows (my opening windows are at each end, so I just keep the curtains open a bit) this removes the glare of the sun and helps get a bit of breeze flowing around the room.

Get yourself a Cooling gel pillow

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This is currently one of the best things I own (shout out to the Mr for buying it as a rogue gift recently). Simply pop it in the fridge for a few hours and then lay it flat on your pillow or underneath your back and it’ll stay cool for an hour or 2 as your starting your sleep routine (My pal Alex lives in Greece and is a trainee sleep coach, she also suggests putting your pillow case in the fridge). If you WFH the gel pillow can also rest very easily against the back of a chair of cushion and give you a bit of discreet cooling relief whilst you’re doing your virtual meetings.

Invest in a cooling spray

This can either be a specific cooling spray specific cooling spray or a water-based mist (like the Evian one thats been a cult fave since the 90s), I usually carry one of these as an everyday handbag essential year-round. Even a to-up spritz of your SPF if you’ve had it in the fridge (another tip on how to keep your SPF cool a bit further down) will feel refreshing.

Crack out the thermal tumbler

Thermal tumblers will usually keep things cold as well as hot, so use them out whilst weather is warm! They’re great for taking ice coffee/tea to the office (the one I’ve linked above is the one I have an use for this), or even just making sure you drink of water stays cold at home and the ice doesn’t melt in 0.6 seconds. I’m not sure if you’re supposed to do this, but I sometimes pop mine in the fridge for a little bit so that it’s also nice and cool to touch.

Apply any kind of cucumber moisturiser

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There’s a reason that people put slices or cucumber over their eyes (to cool and soothe them, just to be clear) and experience has taught me that applying anything containing cucumber onto my body literally makes my skin freeze. Aloe Vera gel that’s been in the fridge for a while also does the trick nicely.

Ice pack your summer essentials on the go

Pop some ice packs into the bag with your spf/cold drinks etc and they’ll stay cooler for longer whilst you’re out and about at the beach/park/shopping. Choose an ice pack that’s solid or has a robust outer layer so that it’s less likely to burst and soak all of your things.

Go to the cinema

This has been my secret weapon for years! On a hot day very few people will want to be there but usually they have air-con, massive cold drinks and comfy seats in a room with no windows. To me, it’s a no-brainer.

Hopefully there’s something extra here that helps! In the meantime stay hydrated, top up your spf and wear something light and airy.

Thanks for reading,

J xx