FASHION/ Weekly fashion faves, 1

Hope you’ve all had a wonderful weekend, and welcome to (what I very much intend to be) a new weekly series on my blog – weekly fashion 5.

This has kind of been inspired by the weekly celeb style round up I used to do when I first started off, which I miss, but these days my style inspo comes from more places – my friends, family and fellow bloggers to name a few. Every week I’m going to share my favourite looks, why I like them and any links to help you get the same look. Enjoy!

Lily Melrose

(image: @llymlrs)

I’m already pre-empting that Lily will feature in this series often, given that most of my wardrobe is made of things I’ve seen her wear! I bought this dress ages ago and it would’ve looked really lovely if it would’ve covered my boobs, I know it’s meant to show cleavage but on me it was indecent. Sob. I can vouch for this jacket though – super cool, great fit and just £35. The only thing I’ll never be able to buy is her awesomeness.

Jacket, ASOS / Dress, New Look / Boots, similar here.

Mollie King

Mollie’s look lives in a category I’m calling ‘Autumn AF’ – beautiful textures and simple tones but it looks all kinds of cute and well put together. There’s something about black faux leather/coated trousers that elevate an ordinary look into something a bit extra, it’s one of my fave A/W style statements.

Jacket, similar here / Coated jeans, similar here.

Holly Willoughby

Ah – this is the sort of super casual I used to wear before I gained weight that’s just perfect for daytime. I wish I still felt this confident, but hey. I’m all about the scarf being such a standout next to the all- black look, but still contrasts nicely with the khaki knit underneath. Yasss Hol!

Scarf, Zara / Jeans, similar here / Trainers, Nike.

Violet Glenton

(image: @violetglenton)

This lovely girl literally has no idea how much of inspiration and confidence booster she is to those around her, and to top it all off she throws a pretty nice outfit together too! I’m really enjoying the colour pop knit trend that’s coming through at the moment, definitely one I’m going to be jumping on myself. This’ll go great with some coated/faux fur trousers a la Mollie.

Jumper, Pretty Little Thing / Hat, similar here.

hope you enjoyed this new segment, see you next week

Thanks for reading,

J xx

BEAUTY/ Skincare haul (August 2018)

I seem to be a bit of skincare junkie lately!

Recently I’ve started to understand my skin a lot better – what it naturally does and what effects my makeup/the environment have on it, so I’ve been doing some research into the best ingredients to improve the bits that need a bit of help, in addition to preserving the good bits, which led me to pick up quite a few things from the drugstore…luckily, there were some discounts so I saved about £30 on the RRP!

Nip + Fab Glycolic Fix foaming bubble face mask

I was really just jumping on the sheet/ horror movie serial killer bandwagon with this purchase! I thought it would also be a good ‘support product’ to the other items I bought (keep scrolling to find out what they are)

Nip + Fab Glycolic Fix Liquid Glow

This stuff is unbelievable. After one swipe across my skin, I can see my pores instantly shrink (which is the main reason I got it) which is perfect for adding in other similar products to make the effect permanent. They do enlarge again after a little while but regular use has helped to reduce them down from where they were.

Nip + Fab Glycolic Fix foaming pads

I’ve previous tried the original daily cleansing pads and liked them so thought I’d try the newest version. Boy these babies are intense! I use the bobbled size to exfoliate my face in circular motions as I later the pad around my skin (I pay close attention to the cheek area near my nose, nose and forehead) and it really does get up a good lather. Afterwards my skin feels tingly so I know it’s working (I rinse my skin with cool water to get the foam off, not sure if you’re supposed to) it also has the same instant pore reducing effect as the liquid glow which gives a better skin texture for applying primer.

Nip + Fab Glycolic Fix purifying overnight gel

I bought this to complete the acidic set, as I’m desperate to tackle my pores and reduce blemishes. So far I’m not 100% sold on it purely because it leaves a very sticky texture on my skin for quite a while after applying; I’ve tried using less product and really working it in but it still happens so I think it’s supposed to. I apply at the end of my evening skincare routine (which is usually makeup remover, face wash, cleanser, glow liquid) and by the morning the stickiness is gone. I think I’d be tempted to stay away from this one on holiday though, as I can’t imagine it feeling very nice in extreme humidity.

La Roche Posay Effaclar purifying cleansing gel

I’ve had good experiences with the other LRP I’ve tried which encourage me to try this out. I’ve added it I to my skincare routine in a bid to reduce the oiliness of my face which also contributes to enlarged pores and breakouts, and it’s been working really well. It generates a light foam on the skin when mixed with water, washes off easily and makes everything feel generally really fresh.

So next time you see me IRL and you think I’m looking all fresh and glowing, you’ll know why!

Thanks for reading,

J xx