FASHION, FOOD & FUN/ What I got for my birthday

It was my birthday on 21 June – yay for getting spoilt, boo for getting older! I actually don’t mind getting older usually but I feel like my new age is just a bit ‘meh’ at the minute, I’m confident it’ll get better though! Here’s a little round up of some of my gifts 

Treasure huntYup, that’s right – Mr Alice decided to start my day with a dash around the house to find my gift! It started in our bedroom and ended in our drinks cupboard, and inside the final clue informed me that he would be whisking me away for a spa break. Eek!

Rainbow roses I don’t think I EVER want any other type of flower again!

Light box by Ginger SnapI’ve wanted one of these for ages! I’ve been posting new messages on it every day and uploading them to Twitter.

Sleep tee, BoohooIf you read my Sleepwear Sass post a little while back you’ll know that I’m a bit obsessed with cute sleepy tees and PJs. Definitely think they missed a trick not making this one yellow though? I’ve already seen more that I want from boohoo so im sure I’ll be ordering more soon.

Star print lounge suit, BoohooIt was only after opening this that I realised that my loungewear actually matches my lounge! It’s black and grey with a floral feature wall, I kinda wish it was star print like this sassy-ass set though. This is another type of clothing I’m obsessed with, I’m going to need a whole extra wardrobe for this and my sleepwear pretty soon…

Ted Baker cosmetic purse and Cerruti 1881I’m going on holiday again soon so this wipe clean pouch is perfect for keeping cosmetic bits in my hand luggage, and this my fave evening perfume that is the perfect size (under 100ml) to travel with it.

Small paella pan (similar here)Bless Mama Alice – after spending a week with me in Marbella eating paella or tapas almost every night, she thought I should try and have a go at making it myself! If anyone has a great healthy recipe be sure to let me know(preferably without calamari or prawns)

Rock on Ruby pins colada backpackROR’s summer range is ridiculous cute – pastel shades mixed with neon pops mixed with quotes from summertime classics*. As soon as I saw this this bag I knew it would be perfect for holidays and for the gym and dropped a LOT of hints to make sure I got it!

*this quote is from Escape (The Pina Colada song) if you’ve never heard it I strongly advise you have a cheeky listen here. WARNING: it’s a catchy lil tune!

Rock on Ruby yes I like pina coladas tote bagI really this bag as well – I used a tote to take extra bits to work and in case I pick up any shopping whilst I’m out and about. The fact that it’s candy pink and matches my backpack is merely a beautifully coordinated bonus.
Marks & Spencer Rosado cava brut Cava has always been my favourite of the sparkling beverages, and in the UK I’m yet to find a better one than M&S. Mr Alice and I bought a cases of the medium brut (green bottle, dark green label) for our wedding reception and I’ve adored it ever since.

Pandora passport pendant charm

My very thoughtful sister in laws remembered a conversation in which I said I wanted this or the little airplane so suprised me with this. I only have one more space on my bracelet now, wonder what will complete it…

Aaaaaaand one final thing that my friend Sarah bought me on the day – we said we’re going out for lunch, but ended up with THIS… Stay stylish,

And Furley and Co. even put a candle in it for me, definitely a change from the usual birthday cake!

I had a lovely day off work and being chill so it was a good day and exactly what I needed.

Thanks for reading; there’s lots more fashion, beauty and fun on the way very soon.

J 😘xx


This year has  created a lot of really nice and important memories for me, and it’s always nice to capture those memories in a photo as a reminder. So I was really pleased to be introduced to Cheerz to allow me to print my pics and actually display the memories! 

I downloaded the app to my iPad which I connected with my iPhotos, #Facebook and #Instagram accounts to grab my favourite images (it can also link to Dropbox) to create my Cheerz box   

Some graduation images…   

 Vegas pics…   

An actual cheerz photo!   

Even 1 taken last weekend   I really like how they have that Polaroid appearance to them; my plan is to make a kind of photo string/washing line with wooden pegs so this’ll look cute when they’re on display.

The photos arrived within 4 days of placing my order which is a great turnaround if you’re ordering anything as a present – you can pick up magnet squares and framed collages amongst other things. As Mama Alice is a massive magnet fan, I think this may be a stocking filler for her sorted!

And how nice is this little message I had inside the box??    Really excited to get these beauties on display now!

Thanks for reading, Stay Stylish (and get snapping)

J 😘xx

Fashion. Food. Fun/ It’s ma Birthday, It’s ma Birthday…


I enjoy birthdays a lot, but for the last few years I’ve had a major chip on my shoulder about my age. I don’t know if it’s being at uni and being around people a lot younger that seem way cleverer than me, or whether it’s because I haven’t achieved my career goals yet. It may even be because I kind of like going to bed at 9pm on Friday nights sometimes because there’s no alarm to wake me up the next morning. But I have a great feeling about my new age so I’m going to try and stop the “I’m so old, woe is me” thoughts NOW. 

Night Out  

Mr Alice and I hit the town, drank mojitos and had a good giggle. My skirt is part of a coord by In the Style by Lauren Pope (it’s sold out but she’s just launched her high summer collection which is definitely worth a look) and my shoes are Ego.


This pic is a drink that I’ve come to know as a traditional Hull right of passage – it’s a shooter called S**t on the Grass which is from a pub in the Old Town called Machester Arms. If you’re ever here, you need to try it.


It’s been a big year for us money/celebration wise so I was expecting a fairly low key birthday…but boy was I spoilt! This is just some of the clothing I got, there were different bits too which I’ll share soon. I’m going to attempt a ‘birthday haul’ video shortly so look out for it (as well as pieces and items on future posts) 

A Lil’ Cocoa Never Hurt Nobody 


I’ve heard so many good things about Roast and Conch by Hotel Chocolat that it was high time I tried it for myself! It has a nice vibe of relaxing wood study meets exposed steel loft, and I was not disappointed by the food. Delicious! My only critique would be that they overcharge a little for the portion sizes given that we’re up North, and it’s a shame they don’t offer their usual set menu on weekends as it would’ve made an ideal Sunday lunch option. I didn’t have dessert as Mr Alice had treated me to a massive piece of my favourite cake from my fave bakery and I didn’t want to spoil my appetite for that.

Thanks for reading!

Stay Stylish

J 😘xx