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When the idea of #HullFoodie was first born, the intention was to showcase local eateries that were great places to eat/drink/be happy in Hull. I had thought that this would mean standalone cafes, bars and restaurants that could only be visited in my city. Whereas I would say that is still an important aim of the project, I think THE most important thing is to show support for businesses that want to support Hull, which sometimes may include bigger oraganisations. This is one of those times.*this pic is the right way up
I spent a lot of my my formative party years in Yates, but when I came home from working abroad it had closed and I was gutted. No more pub lunches with the girls, no more cheeky after work drinks, no more cheeky cocktails to signal the start of a great night out. Sob.

When I heard on the #hull grapevine it was making a comeback my ears perked up like a meerkat. When I got a message asking if I’d like to go to the opening, I felt like my excited teenage self again…true story! And I’m super pleased that my inner teen wasn’t disappointed.

“Are you hungry, would you like some canapés?” “Yes, that would be lovely thank you”These are my kinda canapés! Southern chicken wraps, burgers, fish and chips, filled Yorkshire pud and juicy sausage, there wasn’t a single thing I didn’t enjoy and wouldn’t consider ordering. I know people who can be quite snobby and critical when it comes to chain pub food, I’ve been amongst them on occasions admittedly, but everything we ate was full of flavour and good quality.

If that wasn’t yummy enough, we decided that we should try some of the gourmet fries…ya know, for research.This is comfort food heaven in a bowl! 

This is the perfect place to eat if you’re having a well deserved catch up with friends, Sunday brunch, maybe a bit sore from the night before! Haha. It’s pretty close to most of the city’s entertainment venues so I’d definitely stop in for a bite to eat before a gig or cinema date with Mr Alice. As yummy as the food is, for me this isn’t stuff  I could eat all the time as I gain weight really easily. You can sneak a peek at the full menu here.​Did I mentioned they also do cocktail making classes? Apparently, being a master cocktail making bartender was something of a childhood ambition of Courtney’s, so I made her dreams come true by shoving her behind the bar informing the barman “she’ll make them with you. er, please.”After that face of concentration we got to enjoy the fruits of her labour – look how fab they are!

One of the best thing about Yates is that they offer great deals on cocktails without compromising on quality. It’s a great way to enjoy your fave tipple without spending a bomb and compromising on a cool atmosphere. Who doesn’t want that?

Thanks for reading, sorry if you’re hungry now!

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FOOD / Eat and Drink Your Way Around London

It’s one of the fash hubs of the world, but #london also has a variety of pretty awesome experiences for massive foodies like meeeee! Here are some of my current faves

This is basically cold tea drinks with tapioca bubbles in it that add a really interesting texture (or bubbles, if you will) to your drink! A great lil’ pit stop at any time of day
Lola’s Cupcakes

I adore cake soooo much that I went underground to buy these beauties from the Kings Cross tube station…true story! They’re sold in other places too and have some really unique flavours – this selection includes peanut butter and apple crumble, and the frosting is uh-may-zing.
May Fair Kitchen

Situated at the popular May Fair Hotel, they do a three course Sunday lunch for a fantastic £29.50pp which has really decent portion sizes. I used the ‘Bookatable’ app to make a reservation for Mr Alice and I’s anniversary, and as you can see they were lovely in marking it for us. Brilliant service from all staff, and their head chef is from (my home town for those of you who don’t know) Hull! Little tip – after your meal, pop across the lobby to the bar and sample one of the hotel’s yummy cocktails
The Red Lion

If the Prime Minister popped out to his local pub, this would be it. It’s right between Downing Street and the Houses of Parliament and they claim a wealthy of politicians (including Winston Churchill) have been fans over the years. After trying their food, I’m not surprised! Proper British food, as I’m such a pie fan I couldn’t resist…and it did not disappoint!
Houses of Parliament

Probably not where you’d imagine having a good experience in London per se, but it’s definitely one that not everyone does! This is afternoon tea served in a marquee on the terrace overlooking the Thames. It can only be booked as an extra with a tour of the building (which is an experience I unexpectedly enjoyed, it’s a stunning place) and the fizz is also extra as tea is included as standard.
A very diverse range of eats and drinks, for me that’s one of the beauties of London Town! There are soooo many more great ones.
Have you tried any of these places, and where else would you recommend to eat or drink in London?
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