FASHION. FOOD. FUN/ 2015 Round Up

Happy New Year! And my, the last one was eventful! Here’s a recap of some of the highlights…

January   My year kicked off celebrating  Mr Alice hitting the dirty thirty! This involved lots of meals out, a few drinks, presents and an ill fated trip to a spa that wasn’t really a spa (don’t ask)


 Moving on to my first (but definitely not last) trip to London Fashion Week with Mama Alice – the perfect combo of fashion, food and fun. You can catch up with my #LFW post here.


 Back to London with Mr Alice for a final round of birthday celebrations- which involved a visit to the Houses of Parliament, tipsy times with old friends and generally doing things we haven’t done in London before. Read my ‘Eat and Drink Your way Around London‘post for some of my fave places

April  April was all about the beauty, the bling and the fashion! I braved my first ever home tan  now fave Cocoa Brown and hit Hull Fashion Week, meeting even more of the loveliest people I enjoy spending time with. Read my #HFW post here, you can also view my #ootd from the event in this post. As part of the fashion week events I also got the change to have a sneak peek at some (then) new seasonjewellery at Hugh Rice which I shared in my Sparkle and Bling post.

Completely un-fashion (and un-winter) related, I also took on the Peanut Hottie milkshake challenge

 Happy Birthday Curious Alice Loves…! Celebrating my tent patch of the internet being in existence for a whole year. Ah.


 And then it was Happy Birthday to meeeeee…….! It’s like the fash equivalent of the royalty  celebrating two birthdays in a year…hehe.

This is also the month I decided I need to try a bit harder on the beauty front, which I kicked off with my Ombre lips post.


  Probably the most important part of my year happened this month- 4yrs after quitting full time work to pursue a degree, I not only graduated but with a fairly respectable mark! I wrote about this a little bit in my Stylings of a graduate post. Mr Alice and my fam spoiled me and I had a wonderful time celebrating.

August    Vegas baby!! I FINALLY got to go to one of my ‘F**k It’ list destinations (though I have a few more planned for 2016) whilst I was there I wrote a little post that may be interesting to anyone else going, Things People don’t tell you About Vegas. My outfit in this picture is from my Festival Under £50 post in collaboration with Boohoo.  I went back to work at long last! I don’t like to really talk about where I work and what I do very much on social media as I like to keep it separate, but I will share that it’s going well so far!  A truly epic end to the month was co-hosting the #HBAlPorto event for the #HullBloggers crew! We had lovely chat, food and raised mone for a worthy cause. Have a read about the day here.


 I was invited to #LadbrokesLadiesDay for a day of food, fizz and fluttering of bets – all shared in my I See Girls… post.

I also shared a little bit of me and my style confidence in my NO Shame in my Game post, talking about the judgement of others in what I wear. 

October   I had a busy month! Which I documented in my October Round Up, but one of the best things was working on my first article with LOCO. I’ve since had another published in collaboration with my blogger buddy Carl, stay tuned as there may be more on the way…

November   My sis in law had her baby shower – I already had one beautiful nephew and I’m thrilled that I now have a niece too!

I also conducted a little fash experiment which I documented in my What we wear, how we feel and what it says post. I also tried to get my health back on track with a little help from Viridian.

December     Which us brings us to the end…another round of fun times! I had a cheeky break in Liverpool with Mr Alice to shop and see Michael McIntyre (who I met a few years ago, lovely man) as you’ll see from my Instagram feed we also ate and drank a bit too! Then it was back to Al Porto for a mini blogger Christmas get together.

I’ve carried on trying to get my health on track and did a Boo Tea detox which you can read about here.

And now here we are on 1January 2016- or what I like to call ‘sausage sandwich and pizza day’. These days I only make 1 resolution, which is to make the New Year better than the last one, no matter how good it may have been it can always get better! I’m looking forward to to making that happen.

Wishing you all the very best for this year, Stay Stylish

J 😘xx