Let’s chat – January 2020

I’m very lucky that I know a lot of people who serve as an inspiration to me in all aspects of life, probably more so than they realise.

Recently, I’ve become inspired to basically picked up the baton that my pal Call me Amy put down at the back end of 2019 on a slightly different style of monthly roundup post, so that’s what I’m kicking off today.

I think she’s come up with a really good format that I’ve enjoyed reading from her, and personally I think it will be good me to reflect the good bits of each month and actually plan stuff in. Less time spending every waking moment away from work glued to the couch for me this year! So, here we go, enjoy…

– Cardi B, Invasion of Privacy

– Ministry of Sound Throwback Hip Hop

– Eminem, Best of

– 24: Typical me, I only get into a show after it’s finished! Currently on the penultimate series watching Jack Bauer have incredibly action packed days without having any sleep whilst being in his late 40s. True goals.

– Roast Battle (Comedy Central): Funny and savage in one handy half hour segment!

– Friends (Comedy Centre/Channel 5): Could I BE any more hipster throwback?

– Celebrated the Mr’s birthday: He got presents, we had nice dinner and cake, and for the next six months I can pretend he’s only a year younger than me

– Went to a roller disco: Talked into by friends, too scared to do it properly, only accident I managed to have was getting out the car on the way home. Not for me!

– Went on the radio: I popped into BBC Radio Humberside to appear with my HEY Blogger gals on No Filter which was hosted by our Violet! Click the no filter link to listen to our ep.

– Saw Ed Byrne live: This guy was the first comedian who ever made me laugh out loud, yet this is only the second time I’ve ever seen him live and the first time in Hull

– Partied with drag queens: I was kindly invited to the Pride in Hull Queer AF event (which was the same night as Ed, check me out doing double bubble!) where I got to meet the Drag Race UK finalist Baga Chipz!

Thanks for reading,

J xx

Life Update – September 2017

  (Glass, ASDA/ Drink, Frozen Fizz by Ice & Easy)

Oh hey!

 I’ve been super quiet online this month – no blog posts and virtually no social media, so I thought I’d fill you in on what’s been happening:

I’ve moved house  (I’d definitely recommend Whitakers for anybody looking to sell in the Hull area)

Anybody that’s ever moved as adult knows how time consuming and stressful this can be anyway, however our situation has been a little different in that we sold our house and don’t have another to move into at the moment. As a result we’ve had to pack all our stuff away into storage (and into the spare rooms of some very generous family members!) and move into temporary accommodation until we find our next home. We’re struggling to find something we love, but I’m hoping we get there soon.

I’ve been on holiday (Times Square, Manhattan)

That’s right, I’ve been to the Big Apple. This pic is totally cheesy, involved me buying fruit from a street vendor and carrying it around in my bag all day, but there’s no shame in my game! It was my second visit to #NewYork and the only holiday I’ve had this year, and I was super excited to get some great pics for social media. And I definitely did, I really enjoyed getting to grips with my camera, I just didn’t feel compelled to share many of them whilst I was away. I’m excited to share them in future blog posts though, which will be on the way very soon. 

I’ve been failing at life a bit  (Marina, Hull)

Going on a long haul holiday, selling a house, searching in vain for a new home AND job, as well as being very ill with allergies since spring time, have taken their toll. I’ve been constantly exhausted and withdrawing from things I enjoy, but I’m hoping now things have settled a bit I can start to put some joy back into my life.

So that’s where I’ve been! But I have some really nice content to share in future posts that I’ve started working on, so I hope you come back to see that soon. Stay tuned to my social media channels for updates.

Stay stylish,

J xx