FASHION/ Throwback Thursday – My Fashionistas

So today I’m doing something a little different…I’m throwing back to some of the fashionistas who have rocked my world with their style choices!
1- Carrie Bradshaw


As if she wasn’t gonna be on my list! The most stylish, fierce, fashion risker that ever was (in fiction, at least). I still hope there’ll be a day when I can own a cute tutu skirt and strut down the street like I own it (possibly not in my home town though, they may not be quite ready for that!)

2- J-Lo


I’ll be honest, it’s mainly THAT Versace dress that starts my fashion engine! But us Jenny’s from the Block gots to stick together… I adore the drastically different looks between the ghetto P Diddy years to the girly and ladylike (sometimes) outfits more recently.

3- Khloe K


Khloe is my fave! She knows what suits her shape and werks it good! I like that she’s classy with an edge, it’s something I admire and try to go for. That red velvet Oscars dress is va Va VOOM!

4- Kylie J


It may be unusual to admire the style if someone so much younger, but she’s so cool! She wears what she wants and totally owns it, as well as embracing a grungy look that I’d kill to look as fab in. I even like her green ombré right now!

Now I’ve been re-inspired by some of my fave looks, I’ll be back posting some of my own soon. Looking forward to playing dress up 😉

Until then, stay funky

J 🙂 xx

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