FASHION/ Here Comes the Bride…

This was a completely unplanned post, but I was inspired by seeing Fearne Cotton’s wedding pics this morning. She looks gorgeous! Very bridal, yet hasn’t compromised any sense of her true self to fulfil the ‘role’ or Bride. So I thought I’d share my fave celebrity wedding looks of recent times (if I shared all of the ones I’ve gone nuts over, we’d be here a while!)

1- Fearne Cotton


Enough said above I think!

2- Olivia Palermo


The same as Fearne, she has her own style and wanted to stamp that on her look for her big day. This is exactly what Carrie B should’ve worn when she married Mr Big!

3- Keira Knightly


She had a dress she already owned, loved and had great memories from so thought that was her perfect look….that’s literally THE best thought process ever! I will admit though I was a teeny bit disappointed that she later said she had a full on wedding gown made for a later celebration

4- Princess Beatrice


Ok I know this one isn’t a wedding dress. But it should be, it’s gorgeous!

That’s it for now, I’m going to work on a wedding guest diary in the next few weeks to go with this one….tis’ the season to be bridal!

Stay Stylish

J 🙂 xx

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