FASHION/ Weekly Style Round Up

Casual Style


This is Rihanna’s take on a going out to a fancy dinner look. She’s THAT frickin’ cool! And I had to include my E! gurl Guiliana for working my fave monochrome into her comfy yet very chic airport outfit. Nicely done lovely! And I’m totally hearing on Emma’s print shirt combo with a bit of a boho twist (I’m so ripping this off) but I can’t help but think it looks a little warm for the hot weather we’ve had in Britain this week no?

Evening Style



Wake up Maggie, I think I’ve got somethin’ to say to yoooouuuuuu…..I. Heart. Your. Dress!! Great colour pop, awesome zip feature in the back yet total simple. Slayed. Kimba is proof right here that pregnancy doesn’t mean you can’t still look fabulous at all times (big up the fellow Yorkshire lass!) whilst looking serene and glowing. Rebecca’s had a lot of stick for the way she looks (she was an athlete, not a celeb) but I had to include her as she looks totally confident and happy with herself (whilst looking bangin’ in that colour pop frock) to celebrate that she’s looking good only for herself as all women should! And her future hubby Harry who tweeted the pic with an avalanche of compliments, she has him trained already hehe. I liked Roxanne’s cute 60s take on races style – I’ve tried something similar myself before and I think it’s a great way of staying stylish and standing out for the right reasons (Not because you have a daft hat or are having some sort of malfunction as you see time and time again in the Mail this time of year). And Rosie? Well that’s it really, just Rosie! This outfit is cute, comfy and simple, and Rosie makes it look elegant and chic. Unfortunately i didn’t have enough room for the whole pic so you can’t see the crowning glory of her look – Jason Statham on her arm (ooooohhhh yyeeesssssss)

Award/TV Show Style


Cheryl’s colour combo of the green (kind of a mad mix of pastel and neon, feeling THAT) and pink is very of the season, and this style both hugs her curves and covers her modestly which is perfect for daytime filming of The X Factor. And, I also use the Loreal Wild Ombré that she uses…that practically makes us twins right? Right?? I wish! Sigh. I’m a big Kelly O fan (Fashion Police is my Monday lunchtime programme of choice) big fan of monochrome (did I mention that?) big fan of purple hair. ‘Nuff said. I like that Vanessa has stuck with her boho guns for her rd carpet look with the maxi skirt and crop top but given it a polished edge that is very in keeping with summer (another look that I’m ripping off this year). I do like a bit of maxi action in the summer months!

More Nail Envy


This week courtesy of Lilah Parsons and Pretty Little Thing. Amaze.

Can we just take a moment….


When was the last time you saw a pic of Britney looking put together on her day off, in the summer?? Well, it’s finally here! You work those shorty shorts B***h! If your mama was J-Lo you’d kind of expect to be one well dressed lil tyke anyway, but this pic of young Max is making me think that he’s a pretender to Romeo Beckham’s fash crown! Very cool.

There was a lot of style this week I guess! Thanks for reading, more posts coming next week paying homage to Ladies Day race style and Holidays.

Stay Stylish

J xx

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