BEAUTY/ My Summer Beauty Must Haves

Beauty goes hand in hand with fashion – no point in making an effort with the clothes if the rest is forgotten about right? In my opinion, kind of a buzz kill to the overall look! So with that in mind, I thought I’d share some of my fave hair and beauty items that I use to complete the package. I don’t usually spend a lot on beauty products, trial and error has taught me what works.



As I have ombré hair I usually wear it down, but it’s super fine so doesn’t hold much volume for too long. The Batiste dry shampoo is ideal to keep it pepped up as it boosts the roots (especially if I use the XXL volume version, but I don’t often as it leave my hair a bit sticky like hairspray) as well as keeping my hair looking and smelling fresh. Great when you’ve been out in the sun! I can be a total Lazy Daisy too, so I wear Hair Rehab London clip in bun A LOT ( It’s my Haviour! (That’s hair saviour) It totally blends with my natural hair (if you send them a pic Popery will advise on which colour is best for you) during the day I mess it up a little to get a more casual look, during the evening or for more formal occasions I tend to brush it out and wear it as a sleek ballet bun.



All of these are relatively new additions to my make up bag, I don’t know why I didn’t have them before! I use the Baby Skin (Maybelline) during the day just to smooth/sheen out my skin before applying everything else (it makes me chuckle that on the packaging it states ‘not for babies’, who is getting confused?!) as it stops my eyeshadow creasing. I layer the BB cream (Maybelline) over it in the evenings as I don’t like foundation, but I do like a clear and flawless looking base for evening make up looks. The MUA powder creates the best and brightest sheen I’ve ever seen! And in hot weather it makes you skin gleam without looking more ‘dewy’ than nature is already making it…



The eyes are the window to the soul so people see how amazing you are through them! I always feel more confident when my eyebrows and lashes are sorted (I’m occasionally partial to lash extensions). The mini brush at the end of the brow pencil (Rimmel) is super helpful (along with a cotton bud) for precision. I’m into more natural shadow colours at the minute so a combo (Miss Sporty) is ideal as I can make the colour darker and more textured depending on my mood. I was useless with eyeliner before I discovered felt tip (Collection Extreme Felt Tip Liner in black) now I can make it thicker or finer as I want nooooo problem (well, minimal problems. Cotton buds come in very handy here too!). I do 1 coat of mascara (Miss Sporty Pump Up Extreme in Black) for daytime, 2 for evening. As the name suggests, this Rimmel Wake me Up concealer does exactly that for my little baggies!



I lurve me a colour pop lip! For value, colour and staying power, Revlon are the one. If I’m more casual (yes, it happens) or need to tone it down, rose tinted Vaseline is the perfect amount of sheen and smells lovely.

Bathroom Beauty


Have never felt more tingly clean or fresh than when I use this Original Source Mint and Tea Tree Oil shower gel. When I’m on holiday I use the scrub version as it keeps my tan fresher and skin free from buildup. I use the Coconut Shimmer Body Butter ( instead of after sun and at home when I go out so that my skin has a sexy sparkle about it. Anybody with ombré or blonde hair like mine should use Touch of Silver shampoo – it makes sure the colour stays classy not brassy. I also tried the conditioner but find others work as well for me.



I have 2 scents for daytime so I can either smell girly or fruity- Body Shop Mango EDT ( and Vera Wang Princess. For the evening I also have 2- this Cerutti 1882 is my go to, I also have another one for date nights with the Mr (which is for me to know, hehe).

Almost everything in this post can be bought from Superdrug unless I’ve put up another link, so really easy to get hold of.

If you have any fab beauty buys or tips for me using these products, I’d love to hear them! Here’s how you can get in touch:

Twitter: @IamJennyChat
Insta: thisisjennychat
Google+ : Jenny Chat

You can also find me on Depop market and check out some of my pre-loved pieces. I’m @iamjennychat

Stay Stylish (and beautified!)

J xx

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