FASHION/ Weekly Style Round Up

So I probably would’ve done a huge section (or even post) about V festival looks today, but that kind of felt a bit predictable to do that. As the weather has felt a little chillier this week, the looks I’ve liked seem to be more transitional so are better inspiration going forward methinks.

Brit Gurls do it Well


When does VB ever NOT do it well though?? The best thing about her look here is that it’s so incredibly simple to create – pretty much anybody could find similar pieces in their price range and look fairly put together wearing them, as long as they fit properly. It’s possible to play with the shapes of the pieces as well to flatter individual shape- for me, I might switch out the straight blazer for my peplum version (see below) and either a shorter or tucked in top or one as my waist is the smallest bit I like to try and highlight this. The Whitmore is always at the top of my fave style lists so not really much more to say as she is always fab in my eyes! I normally don’t mind Alexa’s style but it’s not my fave, this look caught my eye as it flatters her figure a little more with the floatiness of the fabric so kind of softens her a little.


A cross the Pond…


Blue is one of my fave colours (the other is pink, shocker) joggers and coords are two of my fave styles for the moment, so it makes sense that I like what Jessica and Taylor are wearing! Paired with a different top half the joggers are going to carry on working into A/W, keeping with the blue these blue Aztec ones from New Look are budget friendly and right on trend . Coords are also going to carry through, though in darker colours/thicker fabric. There’s some fabulous ones out now in darker colours that’d be great to keep wearing until then end of the year!

Put a Ring ooooon it



The top set of hands belong to the E! fashion Police ladies – Kelly O and G Rancic. Kelly got G the F**k ring for her birthday and I think they’re really cute…it’s ironic how such a hard work looks so chic and dainty! The other hands belong to Lily Allen and I’m digging in her horseshoe ring, I could always use a lil bit of luck!

Street Style


So this is kind of street style, kind of celeb. The lovely lady pictured is Claire of Claireabella bag fame and I unashamedly pilfered this pic from her own blog because I’m pashing on her look! As you know, monochrome and print are my faves so this is soooo working for me. Good to know that your style is as cute as your cartoons Claire!

Keep your fashion eyes peeled for more style posts coming next week

Stay Stylish

J xx

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