LIFESTYLE/ Getting to Know Alice

Which of course really means getting to know Jenny, as I am Alice! In addition to my brief bio (All About Alice) here are five things about ME

1- I used to be a Holiday rep


When I was 19 I left home for the very first time and went to live in another country with a group of people I’d never met! Pretty similar to uni- everyone wants to get drunk, sleep and moans about not having enough money, but I’m sooooo glad I did this instead (well, I’m at uni now)! I worked for Thomas Cook for 3yrs and met so many people who I still speak to now. This is us last year at our 10yr reunion in Leeds last year. Every time I think of some of the fun I had it really makes me pine!


2- I’m a comedy fan


My favourite comedian tends to change with their up to date material (how fickle am I!) but at the moment it’s Greg Davies aka Mr Gilbert. If you haven’t seen it, you need to find his BBC3 show Man Down (also starring Rik Mayall, a childhood fave of mine) it’s hilarious! Greg is a lovely man and I was really glad to have the opportunity to meet him. This year I’ve seen Sarah Millican and am seeing Jimmy Carr (who I’ve also met) and Lee Mack later on.

3- I used to be 5st heavier


The one on the left doesn’t look like me does it? I’ve always felt overweight from being a child, even when I wasn’t (little girls can be so bitchy) and eventually as an adult I dealt with emotional difficulties by drinking a lot of booze and stuffing my face with a lot of food. I met my husband at my largest (the pic on the left is Valentines Day 2009 2 months after we got together) and his recent 4st loss and lifestyle change prompted me to look at myself when he moved in. I found that the Slimming World plan works well for me and still follow it’s principles now to maintain my loss, which I have for 20months now! You can find out more about them here

4- I’m terrible at taking selfies


Such a shameful admission for a blogger! I can never figure a good angle, I could take 30 pics and maybe like 1 if I’m lucky. I just don’t look good on them, hence why I ‘duck face’ like I’m doing here. If anyone can share their tips I’d be hugely grateful.

5- I had ‘A Dress Epiphany’


In this dress! I wore this dress to a casino night to celebrate my 2nd wedding anniversary when I was about halfway through losing weight. I never dreamed I’d be able to even fit into a bandage dress! When I turned up, people kind of stared and I thought “oh no, epic fail, everyone thinks I look awful” but it was quite the opposite – everybody remarked on how nice it was and how nice it looked. The response therefore gave me my epiphany “I can nail this weight loss thing, I can wear different fashion and look good” and that’s probably where the obsession grew! This is still 1 of my fave evening dresses, but sadly it’s too big for me now so I can’t wear it. Sob! You can buy it at Little Bird Boutique

I hope you found some of these facts interesting, please get in touch and let me know!

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Tumblr- iamjennychat
Google+ – Jenny Chat

Stay Stylish

J xx

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