FOOD/ Alma de Cuba (2014)

The tagline for CuriousAlice is “Fashion. Food. Fun. What else?” Food is one of my passions so I always intended to incorporate it at some point but hadn’t found the right fit…until now. Alma de Cuba is a restaurant/bar inside an old church in the centre of Liverpool and is without a doubt one of the most beautiful venues I’ve ever had the pleasure to dine in! And it just kept getting better (apologies for the picture quality – the gorgeous moody ambience didn’t mix well with any of the three cameras I had with me!)





To Kick Things Off…



In a South American themed venue, what else would you start with except a Caipirinha?? Mine was strawberry and coconut flavoured and was delicious (although perhaps better suited to an after dinner drink, a fruity cocktail would’ve been superb). I took the cutest pic of it next to my vogue box clutch (coming soon in another post) but the damn thing won’t load, so you’ll just have to imagine the frothy creamy pink greatness yourselves! To start we ordered goats cheese fondue and roasted red pepper soup which were equally as yummy.

Moving On…




Main course – Wow! I had honey and pepper sticky ribs with coconut rice, Mr Alice ordered Hawaiian chicken skewers that came with the same coconut rice and a side of skin on fries (our personal fave). I don’t know what else to say except the variety of tastes at our were immense! Portion sizes were very generous and the finder bowl at the end was a great and much needed touch after those ribs.

The Grand Finale…



This marvellous looking creation is a coffee! A Cafe Cubano to be precise – a wonderful mixture of steamed milk, coffee, spices and rum topped off with a fruity biscotti. I’m a long time fab of liquor coffees and this one rocked my world.



These desserts were so nice I almost forgot to take pics (hence the bit marks, hehe). Mr Alice had the chocolate orange tart with contrieau ice cream, which was light and delicately flavoured and a perfect finish to his meal as he was getting a little bit full. My beauty was a Malteser parfait. I had one of those ‘just when I thought this meal couldn’t get any better’ moments…one of THE best desserts to ever meet my tastebuds!! I had to sip the shot before each mouthful to enhance the flavour and it clearly did so. We had a custom made chocolate parfait at our wedding breakfast which was exceedingly good, but this creation was on a whole other level.

We spent time in the bar downstairs too which was had a cool party vibe (the DJ had just started pumping the choons as it was after 10 on a weekend night), having visited a couple more bars afterwards we concluded it was easily the best choice in this area for a good time (and a good selection of rum if you’re partial as we are!). The only words of caution would be this – watch out for the floor. The floor is immaculately shiny and quite slippy which I found out to my detriment when I went to push myself away from the table and my foot slipped and slammed into the solid wood partition 😦 …still in pain as I type 2 days on but didn’t kill my buzz.

I had a fantastic experience – if you’re in Liverpool and don’t make it here, you’re missing out!

Once again apologies for the picture quality, it really doesn’t do the place justice! But onto more exciting things to come from next week on CuriousAlice – more winter florals, college/uni wardrobe staples, some super glamorous evening wear and so much more (including more food, yay!). Get in and let me know what you think of CuriousAlice’ food posts!

Stay Stylish

J xx

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