FASHION/ Here Comes the Bride… again!

2014 is apparently the year for celebs to get hitched! Congratulations to all the happy couples, but here are a few more of my faves

1- Gabrielle Union


She sexy and she’s cute, she’s popular to boot….anyone from my generation will totally get the reference, for anyone else you NEED to watch Bring it On! This beautiful woman looks exactly the same as she did in the film 14yrs ago, she’s in her 40s now and looked about 21 back then anyway! Her bridal look is fresh, flawless and effortless ethereal. Boom.

2- Ashlee Simpson


I’ve always enjoyed Ash being the antithesis of her big sis by embracing a rocky/boho style, however I could perhaps imagine that marrying the son of one of the World’s biggest diva’s could be a bit daunting. Yet I doubt I’ve seen a more relaxed bride, even in the face or rain when she’s about to walk down the aisle she’s beaming and having a chat on the phone! I really like the wavy boho hair and lace fabric coupled with the more traditional design of the dress. I almost feel like it’s a bit Middleton-esque but I think I may spy a slightly higher hem at the front which gives it a touch more of a fashion edge (whilst giving her the opportunity to showcase her sparkly wedding shoes!)

3 – Jessica Simpson


Both Simpson girls got married this summer (expensive time for their poor dad!) and as I’ve just said their styles are poles apart, yet equally as gorgeous on the big days. Jess’ look is sooo super glam – I’d almost say she could have taken off the veil and worn her gown to a red carpet event, but the intricate design looks a little like lace work and makes it feel bridal with bling. It goes really well with the moody ambiance of the decor that can be seen in this shot. Good job Mrs J.

4 – Naya Rivera Dorsey


I’m a big Naya fan (in both my capacity as a Gleek and in her pursuits of fashion and music) and lace gowns so these pics excited me soooo much! She’s nailed combining traditional wedding attire with retaining a sense of her own personality in her look – on the face of it you can see a grand lace creation with a long veil and sleeves, very traditional. You also noticing the subtle cleavage dusting neckline, wide open back and sparkly hair pin. Very Naya. No going all Lima Heights with this look honey!

All of these fabulous ladies are making me desperately want to renew my wedding vows so that I can wear a pretty dress, it wasn’t 100% with my look or pictures on the big day so there’s lots of reasons to do it all over again I think (just need to convince Mr Alice now, help appreciated) There is one more wedding that happened this summer that I’d absolutely kill to see the pictures of…step forward Mrs Cheryl Fernandez-Versini! Sadly I don’t think we will be doing for a while, if at all, sob!

What has been your favourite bridal look this year? Comment or get in touch and let me know.

Stay Stylish

J xx

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