FASHION/ Pug Lovin’

This week the Mother Nature has proved she’s not quite ready to take back the sun just yet so I’m very much still in transitional mode. I’ve bought a winter coat (usually a task I leave until I’m literally freezing if I’m honest) but it’s still in its carrier bag on top of my wardrobe and I hope it’ll stay put for a little while yet!







As I’ve mentioned before I don’t really wear jeans as I can’t find any that fit properly, so this is the only pair that I own and wear. For anyone with big hips/booty like me you’ll need to size up, surprisingly the waist hasn’t gone baggy as it does with other brands which is why they’re still in my regular clothes rotation. The black kimono has been part of my summer wardrobe as seen in a couple of previous posts. The jersey fabric makes it a perfect transitional layer as it’s light enough to be worn underneath a coat. I didn’t get the top until about 3wks ago – I’m gutted I didn’t see it sooner because it’s quite summery! But layering it like this is going to increase its shelf a bit, yay. I adore pugs, currently trying to convince Mr Alice to let me have one with no success(boo!). There’s a definite bra sitch – as you can see the cut is very open so the ideal is to be brave and go without (which, as someone who has lost 5st and a lot of boobage, is more brave than you know!). However I’ve also tried it with a bandeau underneath which looks cute and creates another layer for the transitioning weather, a fitted vest underneath could also work. These shoe boots are still my pet faves! You’ll be seeing them quite a bit in future posts.

Jeans- Primark
Kimono- ILWF
Top- Hollister
Shoe Boots- Primark

Each piece in this look is under £20 and can all work really well with the rest of your wardrobe which is fabulous.

Hope you enjoyed today’s look, get in touch and let me know!

Stay Stylish

J xx

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