FASHION/ Weekly Style Round Up

With NYFW still in swing and LFW kicking off this week there are a lot of looks to crush on! I’ve narrowed it down and a dedicated LFW post will be on the way this week I’m sure….





These looks are so cute for daytime (and a more casual Saturday night out) yet ridiculously simple to put together. That’s a winner for everyone I’d say! We’re seeing a rise of celebs stepping out in more casual and basic pieces – think Cara D in jeans and a tee, or Denise in a little patterned skirt and tucked in top – the ‘normcore’ look. Think off duty supermodel (and since it’s Cara’s go-to look that’s exactly what it is!) and you’ve nailed it. RiRi’s jumper dress is fabulous for A/W, bit of a surprise to see her wearing it but I guess nothing should shock me about her anymore! I found a cute version in Filthy Gorgeous Hull this week (the pic won’t upload though, boo!) it’s incredibly cosy and a bargain at under £30! Join their Facebook page to find out how to order.

Supermodel Chic



I know what I just said, they look fab dressed down, but sometimes the models glam themselves up when they’re not working! Cara’s look is still simple yet effective and most people could recreate this (and tweak it to suit them if they don’t have a supermodel figure) I would definitely lose the gold body chain to make it super clean and pared back which is more the style we know her for. Jourdan’s look is very Chanel with the quilting which I adore (but it’s not Chanel) which gives it a classic look while the length of the skirt and shape of the jacket keep it edgy. The colour is sooooo gorgeous! Because of the texture and gold detailing I think it would’ve been nice if she opted for a simpler shoe to blend in with the rather than try and add something else to it.
I’ve already confessed that Poppy is my fave! She’s had a really eclectic style week and has rocked some looks that I think she stole from Cara’s suitcase, but these two are my fave. I kind of feel like I shouldn’t like the first one as it’s got a lot going in with the patterned jumpsuit AND jacket, but I think because both are the same it makes it ok. And it’s Poppy! She’s kept her hair uber chic with the sleek high ballet bun (a fave hair look of mine) to let the clothes do the talking. The second outfit is perfect for her date night with hubby but again I’m not sure about the shoes (again, change the reckon eh Jen!) I like that they match the dress pattern, but not the extra orange colour in them so much.

Red Carpet Rocks


It’s like I’ve picked the angel and the devil isn’t it, you couldn’t get much more different than this…Literally black and white! I think both looks embody the two sides of most women – Keira is the flirty, quirky girly whilst La Lopez is the naughty lil minx that makes the guys (and girls, let’s be honest) jaws hit the flaw and think “damn gurl!”. I think it’s kinda funny that Jen’s the one in her 40s and is the one getting it all out, but she looks like a 30yr old and I know I for one would be disappointed if she didn’t! She knows what her body works in and turns it out every time, Keira is more about the fashion and experimenting with different shapes. Insanely jealous of both….sigh.

So this week It’s official that simple looks are the way forward, great news for my A/W daytime wardrobe! You’ll see some of this in action when I start posting my back to uni looks soon.

Stay Stylish

J xx

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