FASHION/ Weekly Style Round Up

When did November happen? I feel like I’ve been asleep and lost some serious time somewhere – If I replace ‘asleep’ with the phrase ‘buried under a mountain of books whilst being hunched over a desk writing essays’ I think that’s mystery solved! Luckily celeb style is one thing I haven’t been missing out on, so I hope you enjoy my fave looks of the week…

She Wore Bluuuuuueeeee…….


Blue is one of my fave colours (the other is pink. Obviously.) these ladies remind me why! Jenna looks so hot to trot in such a simple outfit- I’m willing to bet a lot of people have similar items in their wardrobe and have no idea how amazing they could look if they put them all together to create this fab dressy-casual yet chic look. If this is you – try it right now! Well, maybe finish reading the post first, but definitely send me a selfie of your efforts 👌😙
I really like boilersuit style all in ones but never tried one myself as I have a feeling they may not like me back…that said Billie has a pretty curvy shape and looks great, so maybe I’m wrong? I’ve seen a similar style at Never Fully Dressed, they’ve sold out of this gorge navy colour but it looks just as good in black
There are very few occasions when I don’t like Lucy Meck’s outfit to be honest. As well as it being a beautiful shade of cobalt and foil print which looks really festive going into party season, I really like that this dress is a great bargain from one of my faves AX Paris. Skater is one of my go to shapes as I like the girlyness and that it flatters my waist (but avoids my thighs!) you can buy the exact dress here–Kick-Out–Skater-Dress.html

Bringing Sexy Black (Yeah!)


Hot damn gurls! This was the best pap shot I could get of Charlotte’s frock so hope you can see it’s fabness. Black – classic, intricate neckline – accessories not required. Her exact dress is this one but I’ve also seen this one that’s a total steal and is a little more covered up round the chest area if that’s something you prefer
What I adore about Kendal’s look is that I could also wear it despite being a completely different body shape and having several years on her. More to the point, I WILL definitely be rocking something similar very soon I feel! Cosy yet sexy, who knew??
I won’t, however, be attempting Naya’s look – she looks uh-may-zing, but methinks my flesh is a little too jiggly and milky white for this! She’s always fierce and brave with her style which I so admire and appreciate.

Fright Night

I’ll be honest – not the biggest Halloween nut. Sorry! But I appreciate the effort made with costumes, so I thought I’d be festive and include my fave celeb looks from this year’s crop


Why have you posted a pic of Cara D I hear you ask? Answer – it’s not her, it’s Kate Moss! That’s how cool she’s apparently become – the coolest 90s runway darling is dressing as the pretender to her crown. Shouldn’t it be the other way round?


Rita has given us all a shock by wearing something that could almost be considered demure…eek! Only kidding (ish). Elle Woods rules and even Rita knows she will always be hot, not just right now (bad joke alert, couldn’t help myself!)


How could I NOT like this really?? As with any of her looks, Ri Ri has fully committed to this and I am all in with her!

But this, without a doubt, is my fave…..

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