FASHION/ Weekly Style Round Up (Part 2)

Round two of what’s turned out to be a super stylish week for celeb world! Quite a few multiple mentions between this and Part1, this is the type of repeat offence they should be committing more often methinks…

Shaking off That NYC Chill


Yes Taylor, Yes! This fabulous mix of autumnal brights, textures and all my fave pieces (skinny jeans, blanket Cape, hat, skater skirt, ankle boots) is just too much excitement for my eyes to take. I want that cape BADLY. I knew you were trouble Taylor. Hehe.

Street Stylin’





I find both of Jessie J’s looks casual yet chic for a day look – great textures, simple colours and interesting shapes that all make a simple look jump right off the page at you.
Vicky’s look appeals to my more girly, retro side of style appreciation, this is definitely a look I’d wear. And as its from her very own VIP range with Honey Boutique, I totally can! You can buy the dress, boots and hat right here
Until this season I’m not sure I’d have thought about grey and maroon together in a look but I’ve seen it done a lot now and really like it as a combo as Frankie is working here along the glittering streets of, er, Blackpool. This is the perfect outfit for the occasion though; cosy for the chilly coastal temperatures, dressing down a little for the seaside vibe yet with a nod to her usual glam in those cheeky black knee highs.
Sarah Hyland’s looks are totally different but really nice, kind of wishing she hadn’t been bringing her bins in on that first one so we could’ve seen a better view though! I don’t look that good when I do it that’s for sure. She’s kinda got the split personality dressing going on that the Kardashians have been favouring this week – the first look is more edgy, the second girly and preppy, kind of how my personal style is I suppose.

Evening Glam



There’s something about a cape that’s so glam to me, for the same reason I also like the look of an elegantly draped jacket a la Daisy and Gemma’s looks (you just need to remember that your arms can still move under there so you don’t look awkward! Not that they do, just in general point.) These dresses are such vibrant colours to make the right statement when you’re out at a festive event.
I haven’t seen Nicola out and about for a while so I’m glad she’s back and looking stylish as always! Great style and print of the dress, great hair and shoe choice, I’d just be tempted to lose the necklace as it doesn’t feel cohesive with everything else. Maybe something black and chunkier would be good?
This is literally the best Alex Gerrard has EVER looked. She’s always been gorgeous and stylish, but she’s just bringing it on another level and looks unreal from head to toe to me. Another great example of how some of us improve with age. Good work lovely, Steven is lucky dude.

Amazing Textures



Velvet – this berry red cami dress Holly is wearing is beautiful and flattering and sooooo nice to touch. This exact dress is from LA Sula (and comes in other colours) here so everyone can look just as sexy for a mere £16!!
Leather- Mollie King, this is also the best YOU’VE ever looked as well!! Simple and smouldering with a bright red lip…bingo.
Silky Satin- this can be hard to pull off when you’re not straight up and down, Fearn is smart to know that if its well cut and a little but mattifyed you’re good to go. She’s gone for a funked up edge by adding a shoe boot which is a fave look of mine and also stops the dress looking ‘prommy’ in that fabric. It’s a brand new design by her gurl Sam Faiers for Very which is now on sale here
But my very fave look is the beautiful Demi, in her fabulous feathers with a fabulous princess’s train! And the shoes! I think if Carrie Bradshaw would’ve seen this dress before she married Mr Big….

Phew, I’m all fashioned out! So many gorgeous looks that are giving me inspiration for the party season, if I ever decide what I’m doing!

Stay Stylish

J 😘xx

One thought on “FASHION/ Weekly Style Round Up (Part 2)

  1. I can’t get over how beautiful and radiant Taylor Swift looks! I agree, Alex Gerrard looks incredible!! I absolutely love the blue satin dress too, I’d love to wear something like that 🙂
    Sass x

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