WHAT ELSE? / Friends, THATS What!

Not my usual type of post, but I feel like it’s needed. It’s December; I’m not quite feeling festive yet but I sure am feeling sentimental and I didn’t want to wait until the very end of the year when everyone does it. I’m a rebel! But a stylish one. I think.


This year has been a little bit tough in some ways – I won’t bore you with how, but it’s not been my finest hour. Despite that, it’s been a year in which I’ve been more sociable than I have for a loooooong time! I’ve had fun at race days, birthday celebrations, hen parties, weddings, coffee catch ups, girly lunches and more. I can honestly say that those times have been my saviours, a real release to have a good time when other things have felt not so good. I’ve gotten to know some lovely new people, some of whom are now friends, and reconnected with people I haven’t seen for a while which has been lovely. It’s also been a year that’s showed me who my true friends are, who I can rely on, and for those I know I can count on I’m truly grateful I hope they know I have their back as well! These are just a select few of the great times I’ve had







I wish I’d have taken more pictures this year though, I guess it proves I was too in the moment and enjoying myself to worry about that. I feel lucky to
have my family too, especially my amazing Mr Alice who is my rock always


And this is the newest addition to the family, my baby nephew Bruce! (His name isn’t really Bruce. Long story.)


I feel really fortunate to have discovered my passion for blogging too! It combines my addictions to fashion and charting perfectly. I’ve enjoyed finding and getting to know other bloggers a little better, and I’m super excited to be attending the #HullBloggers meet this weekend (the day after attending my very first Clothes Show, woooo!) and getting to know my local blogging gurls better as well as reviving my enthusiasm for 2015. I’ve been a bit quiet on the style listing front for the last weeks, but intend to be back OOOOON IT with a vengeance in the new year so keep your stylish eyes peeled! Here’s a little reminder of some of my looks from this year



From the bottom of my heart, I thank every single person that’s taken the time to read my posts from all around the world this year, your support keeps me smiling! I won’t to grow, improve and evolve Curious Alice Loves… so much more and I can’t wait to see where that will take me in the future.

To finish The Beatles quote from the first pic “I’m gonna try with a little help from my friends”. I hope you all have some great memories from 2014 as you look back- hold onto those as your strength to move forward and past the rest.

Enjoy your festive season whatever you’re doing πŸŽ„πŸŽπŸŽ…πŸŽ‰πŸ·πŸ΄ and above all….

Stay Stylish

J 😘xx

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