Fashion. Food. Fun/ #HullBloggers Meet

Most people have work Christmas party in December, but as a blogger you can often work on your own so you don’t one to go to. But this year…we held our own very fabulous, festive and fun event that was better than any Christmas do I’ve ever been to! I’ve got to be honest though, I didn’t get as many or as quality pics as Id have liked because I was far too busy enjoying myself…probably not what a blogger should say, but sometimes you just have to be in the moment and not behind a lens I think.

I had the privilege of being able to help out with the organising alongside Jaye and Alex, it was soooo nice to meet them in person at long last! Both are gorgeous and lovely and so on it with everything, I was in awe of them all day



We held the event at Fudge ( in the vibrant Princes Avenue area of Hull. It’s one of my personal fave places to eat, mainly because I’m obsessed with their baked goods…now we’ve had the event I can no longer justify my weekly visits as ‘conducting extensive event research’ can I! The decor was effortlessly girly with some festive touches which was perfect. We also had some balloons and bunting from our charity ‘Look Good Feel Better’ ( We put the Christmas themed goody bags on each attendees chairs but also couldn’t resist putting a few under the tree



We had such a jam packed meet, and had the pleasure of some of the brands involved coming down to join us to demonstrate their products first hand. We had the ladies from Arbonne join us to give us a demo of their cosmetics (that I learned were used in the Tim Burton Alice in Wonderland film – as Curious Alice, this excited me muchly!) this is Ria from Dribbles and Giggles testing out



We also had some quirky scents to demonstrate from The Library of Fragrance, who knew Rain smelt so fabulous?!?! And we had a cheeky game courtesy of Greedy Box and a lash/beauty demo by the girls from Younique




We had an beautiful afternoon tea, total food and girly heaven for me



The raffle was a hugely successful – we have soooo many amazing prizes to give away to raise money for our charity and we are hugely grateful to each and every company who were able to take the time and effort to get involved and help. Everyone was really pleased with what they won! You can see the wins in full on my Instagram/Twitter feeds. I was lucky enough to win two prizes by A Novel Gift and Sole Wish (I’ll be posting the latter as soon as I get it)



It now feels like Christmas has come early in my house with my prizes and wonderful gift bag from the event! Gifts, samples, vouchers and leaflets…some of my faves and lots of newbies for me to get to know. I’m one happy blogger


This is what was inside…..



Beauty and Lifestyle



(The beautiful blue background everything is on is actually an animal print scarf courtesy of Scarlett fashion),

Thank you sooo much to each and every brand that contributed, you’ve made me feel very very lucky during a stressful time at uni and I’m very appreciative! I’ll be posting on my social media accounts and future posts about some of my goodies so keep your eyes peeled.

I had an absolute ball, and I’d like to share a teeny piece of my fun with you….


That’s right, my first ever giveaway! I have a bag filled with some of the lovely goodies from the blogger gift bags – including Food/beauty samples, jewellry and more! To be in with a chance come and see me on Twitter with #IHeartHullBloggers and I’ll pick a random winner on Sunday. Best of luck!

Hope you enjoyed hearing about the meet and are excited about the giveaway.

Stay Stylish

J 😘 xx

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