FASHION/ Christmas Day Style

Happy Boxing Day everyone! Hope you all had the Christmas Day you deserved – I was very lucky and got everything I wanted and had some yummy food (although I didn’t go as mental as I thought I would, unlike Mr Alice). My highlight had to be my stepdad’s chocolate orange bread and butter pudding for dessert (no piccies sorry, as if it lasted that long!) and I managed to have almost a whole bottle of Buck’s Fizz to myself….what is it I was saying about being teetotal again?? Hehe.

Anyway, onto some festive style! I wanted to try something cosy and chic, so I thought winter white with a bit of print was a good way to go. You know how much of a sucker I am for monochrome





My brother made some kind of comment about me looking like I was going riding, I think the horsey set WISHED they looked this good! Winter white was definitely a great idea, until Mr Alice managed to flick gravy on my jeans in an enthusiastic attempt to cut into a sprout – Luckily it washed off really easily. The jumper in particular was soooooo comfy and the ideal thing to wear for Christmas Day, I got lots of compliments. I experimented with a low side bun again courtesy of my Hair Rehab London clip in piece, still a work in progress but I liked the casual messy look so it’s definitely a look I’ll keep trying out.

Jumper – Top shop
Jeans – Top Shop
Boots – Public Desire
Hair – Hair Rehab London, messy clip in bun in chocolate

Hope you like my Christmas Day look, get in touch and let me know what you think! I’m looking forward to sharing some more festive season fashion soon. Enjoy the rest of your week – eat, drink and be merry! Oh, and keep checking for more posts.

Stay Stylish

J 😘xx

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