FASHION/ December Style Round Up

Not quite as many style posts over the last couple of months, I think that’s because I’ve actually been too in the moment and enjoying myself! Great for the soul and for enjoying life, less great if you’re needing piccies for your blog posts

16 Dec – #HullBloggers Chic


24 Dec – Christmas Eve Chillaxing


26 Dec – Christmas Day Chic


28 Dec – Boxing Day (Repeat) Chic


Have a wonderful evening whatever you have planned (or not) for tonight’s NYE celebrations – we have a household that’s a bit under the weather so unsure what we’ll be doing ourselves! Thanks very much for getting to know Curious Alice this year – I hope I can bring more exciting things for you to see and read in 2015 and make it even better than this year!

Stay Stylish (and big New Years smooch)

J 😘xx

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