FASHION/ THE Best LBD for January

Not everyone feels their best in January. I mean, we’re all trying to with our new found health kicks and exercise programmes, but it’s still very much a work in progress. And that is exactly why the appearance of the LBTD (Little Black T-Shirt Dress) is a lifesaver! For once my expressions aren’t the result of my naturally bitchy looking face, just the sun getting right in my eyes










I’m sooooo obsessed with this dress! It makes a great daytime or evening piece and I’ve been wearing it so much lately, of course with my thigh highs (aka, my other obsession). I just chucked the jacket over to keep warm but liked the look – it was personalised just for me, I always knew I’d make varsity somehow Hehe. I felt the bright red lip was necessary to pop some colour, it’s a Mabelline lip crayon that was recommended by my blogger buddy Alex (aka Champagne and Lemonade) and I use it when I want some extra ooommf.

Dress – Little Bird Boutique
Jacket – Threaders Boutique
Boots – Public Desire

Hope you enjoyed the look, don’t forget you can leave me a comment or get in touch on social media and see what else I’m up to!

Stay Stylish

J 😘xx

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