FASHION/ Golden Globes Best DRESSED (2015)

I was too tired to stay up and watch, but I was very excited when I saw the fabulous pics online this morning! Some gorgeous looks, more towards the traditional dresses than The People’s Choice Awards but still a couple of game changers

Colour Poppin’



The red dresses say it all – worn by two women who Hollywood would normally consider old in their respective professions but who are SLAYIN’ it regardless! Gorgeous and inspirational.

White Hot



Just….Daaaaaamn Kate Hudson! Really like G Rancic’s elaborate fishtail – when she’s working an awards show red carpet, she be werkin’!

Shimmer Shimmer


On the left is Greer Grammer (daughter of Kelsey) who was Miss Golden Globes and looks stylish and girly. Adore this. The middle look is a real mix of traditional awards gown and fashion forward with the Aztec print, great combo. And J- Lo…..why am I not J-Lo? And WHY don’t I have her golden globes?? Guess I’ll have to be as being J-Bar and killing that!

Dark but not so Moody



Jessica’s dress is soooo old Hollywood glamour to me in the style (perfect for her) but the black with gold shimmer just makes it a bit more interesting in the movement too. And we had to give to our own Eddie for making a stylish effort, good job since he won! It’s so lovely that it’s the last night of his honeymoon too, truly a memorable event.

Well done to all the winners, looking forward to more awards season frocks to drool over already!

Stay Stylish

J 😘xx

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