FASHION/ Disney Princess

If only we could have the Disney life – live in a castle, be eternally beautiful and have pretty dresses to wear to fabulous parties. A LOT of parties. Well we can dream! But I’ve found some super cute accessories to give you a cheeky bit of princess in your life, fashionista style! Disney is one of those wonderful things that people can relate to childhood throughout the generations, and Ariel was definitely a 90s chick.






How awesome right?!?! I only wish there were some Alice in Wonderland ones as well, hint hint…..hehe. Definitely a fun way to perk up my comfy lounge wear when I’m working from home (and cheekily rocking under under my boots like a fab Hannah Montana esque secret) or with strappy sandals like in my pic to jazz up a simple outfit.

Socks – Cherry Diva
Shoes – New Look

They’re such a bargain too, £3.50 and they feel so soft! As well as Disney, look what else they do….


Be a superhero OR a princess, yippee! Shop the full range here

Which Princess would you want to be? If you’re like me, all of them!

Stay Stylish

J 😘xx

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