FASHION/ Weekly Style Round Up

sorry for the silence this week, it’s been sooooo windy I haven’t been able to shoot any outfits! Fingers crossed for the week ahead. Anyway, onto the ‘slebs….

Green Army

I’m really into khaki at the minute. Particularly Sam’s Top Shop dress which I’ve been hovering over buying for a few weeks…such a gorge shape and material but I have nowhere to wear it. Trying to be sensible as I age! You can shop it here (and it comes in other colours). It’s a great colour against Jourdan’s skin, and her style if dress strikes a great balance between being covered up in the neck/sleeves and a bit sexy with the mesh stripes and the length showing off her amazeballs legs…and her beaut shoes are high street by one of my faves Missguided which you can get here As if this final beauty is 14yr old Willow Smith! The peacock print is too gorgeous, she seriously needs to quit music and become part of the next model generation. Oh, and lend me that fab feather shrug thingy.

The Paris Army

Paris Fashion Week has been a total triumph, both on and off the catwalk. I like how the looks change between each of the cities, and when in France zees girls brought a leetle je ne said quois! Solange, ever the game changer, in all red Errrthang when the rest of us are still figuring it out and black or white. It’s comfy, chic and stylish all in one, how fab. Dakota looks classicly Paris chic and completely beautiful, that jumpsuit is a great fit. This ILWF version is a really similar shape at the top, but the wide leg bottom make it cool going into summer and nodding in that 70s trend direction And then we come to the Balmain Army. I can’t cope with how insanely good these models of the moment look! The colours, textures and shapes all en pointe. Wiping the drool off the keyboard as I type.

Think Pink

As if Rebecca Ferguson had a baby 5 months ago and looks THIS amazing?!?! Her hair is fabulous too! Need her food and beauty secrets stat. This is such a normal outfit for Nikki but just as eye catching in the neon with this unique pront over the top. She should totally do this kind of look more often!

Funky Mummies

Some days I can’t even manage myself so I’m always in admiration of jig mamas who can pull theirselves as well as little people together. I like Fearne’s cheeky colour pop boots and Mylene’s print trench (from her own collection, of which I can’t get the link to load to the post!)

Regular Kardash/Jenner Crushin’

So firstly – Kim’s hair. She’s changed hers twice in 2015 and I’m just thinking about if should change mine a little. I adore the length as it still has a great shape, and with this kind of movement (not that slicked back look everybody’s compared to th Harry Potter kid) I do really like the blonde. It’s so striking against her skin and really out there and fashion forward which is what she’s going for. I’d say that was job done! I adore her outfits in both pics too, Balmain and Lanvin respectively. Tres Bin Madame West. Kendall and Kylie have great street style, I think both these looks can be taken day to night with very little tweaking yet are so simple and cool. What more is there to say!

I’d really like to hear your thoughts on which looks you like so feel free to leave me a comment or tweet me @IamJennyChat

Stay Stylish

J 😘xx

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