FASHION/ Wedding Fever

Spring is springing, which means it’s now starting to move towards ‘wedding season’. I recently teamed with Weddington Way, a U.S. based brand, to create some #bridesmaid looks to inspire those of you taking the plunge soon. As its mine and Mr Alice’s #wedding anniversary next week it seems the perfect time to reminisce! Here’s what I came up with….

Gradients of colour

I like the look of the same colour in different shades as it strikes a really nice balance between each girl standing out and also looking pulled together and cohesive. Especially if the dresses are all in one style, this Audrey Hepburn esque shape is totally gorgoeus for the pink looks. The blue looks are just as classic but may be more flattering around the neckline for some body shapes. Both of my fave colours!

Tutti Fruity

These colours would be perfect for a summer wedding – the sun is shining, love is in the air and there’s a cocktail I. Your hand to toast the happy couple! They can easily be covered over with a wrap or short jacket if a more demure look is needed for a church service, and they would also look gorgeous on a wedding guest with some great accessories.

Clean and Simple

Of course I had to get monochrome in there somehow! This is kind of different take on the gradient theme. You may raise your eyebrows at my decision to include a white dress, but a lot of brides are opting to have them to keep the bridal party’s look really clean and simple. Kim K is a fan, she’s had white bridesmaid dresses as her previous two weddings.

Sex and the Citaaaaaay

My final looks are inspired by the ultimate fashionable wedding (that sadly never was) of Carrie Bradshaw in SATC1- each of the maids were in these colours and a different style of dress so I thought I’d pick spstyles that were about figure hugging and sexy draping to commemorate their fabulousness!

You can find all of these dresses and hundreds more Here

And, as I know you’re all feeling curious, here’s one of meeee on my wedding day……I look soooo different! 

Hope I managed to inspire some of you brides to be and wedding guests amongst you, which looks would you go for?

Stay Stylish

J 😘xx

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