BEAUTY/ Ombré Lips

I very rarely do beauty posts and there’s a pretty simple explanation for why that is – I’m a teeny bit rubbish with makeup! So I thought I’d try to get a bit better, starting with my lips. I like ombré hair and a colour pop lip so I thought trying out an ombré lip would be a good place to start.

The Product   

Top Shop have just brought out an ombré lip range, so the colour pairing pairing is done for you already. And, with a name like Curious, I was always going to get this one! I like that the packaging is simple and fashiony as we’ve come to know #Topshop for, yet the subtle black polka dots keep it that little bit girly and fun.


I wouldn’t have ever considered the lighter shade as a lip colour before, but the darker is a bit more maroon in real life and that’s a colour I wore most of winter so thought that gave me a bit of ‘safety’ whilst I was pushing my boundary with the style.


I ALWAYS prep my lips before applying lippy- I brush them with a dry toothbrush to get rid of any dry skin and get the blood flowing to make the colour look it’s best when applied.


I applied the lighter shade in the middle first with my finger. I applied the darker outer colour with using a Nanshy bent eyeliner make up brush because it gave a more precise line which I needed. The  to blend the two together (using a combo of my index finger and a cotton bud) to get the overall effect.

End Result


 It’s obviously still a work in progress and I’ll be playing with the look a lot over the next few weeks I suspect, but I like the colours together and I think they make a great summer lip.

For this post I used Top Shop’s Lip Ombre in curious, the other three colours in the range (see here) are equally as fab for the summer months, once I’ve mastered this next on my list will be the gorgeous reddy orange colours in the Perplex palette.

What are your top tips for getting a great Ombre lip, do you have any other colours/brands for me to try?

Stay Stylish (and lippy 💋)

J 😘xx

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