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Something a little different from me today! Mainly because between my holiday and attending/co-hosting the UH-MAY-ZING #HullBloggers Summer Event last Sunday (I still can’t believe it’s been and gone, sob) I’ve picked up some really great new stuff that’s now firmly fixed in my everyday use! But also because #celebstyle has been a bit ‘meh’ for me lately and I haven’t seen enough that I like to do a decent post.

 I bought these beautiful items from the #MichaelKors flagship store in #LasVegas – I adore his bags and wanted something really classic that would go with everything so this is ‘totes’ perfect, hehe. Michael’s advice is to apparently always have a luggage/tan colour bag as a wardrobe staple because it will cover most seasons and match most colours. So I was really quite sensible! I bought the wallet because I genuinely needed one and this blossom pink colour is sooooooo beautiful. View the wallet here and bag here (now reduced)

 I got soooo many compliments on my #Moschino phone case whilst in Vegas, all from men! They’re my absolute go to for phone cases because they’re all so fab, I also have the ‘This Moschino Bear is not a toy’ case and have a huge list of more I want. This one now seems to be sold out but you can view the new season designs at Farfetch.

  How insanely cute is this Tangle Angel brush though?? I’ve suffered with really knotted hair for the last year or so, so this beauty is perfect for keeping it smooth all day and doesn’t take up a lot of room. Another brand I connected with at the #HullBloggers event and I’m really pleased I did! You can have a look at the full range of brushes including this baby version here.

 I literally cannot think of a better name for these products than Halo Wipes, they’re literally a saving grace! I’m very into carrying this sort of stuff in my bag for both days and night but I was only hooked up with this brand at the #HullBloggers event last week. They’re ridiculously convenient and heady to fit everywhere and I will always use them now! You can pick up their products at Superdrug and Boots.


 This quirky lil’ make up bag is my longstanding faves Rock on Ruby who were also one of our brands at the #HullBloggers event. The size of this is perfect from chucking in the essentials for the daytime so it’s now staying put in there. You can get your hands on this exact one Here or pick up an equally awesome slogan (or different size) here.

I’ve not mentioned anything about the brushes because I haven’t had chance to try them yet, but thoughts on them and the GOSH lippy will be on the way soon! 

 I’m really particular about how I like to smell during the day – either really fruity or super sweet, and this beauty is my absolute jackpot. I’m OBSESSED since picking it up in Vegas from Bath and Body Works, I just wish I’d have bought more!

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