Say Whaaat…?? Addressing the Work/Life/Blog Balance 


 I’ve just started the next phase in my life – having finished uni I’ve just started my first full time graduate job. I’m really happy about getting back into the world of work and feeling like I’m making a contribution again, but at the same time it throws up a lot of potential issues in other areas of my life. Well, not issues per se, more like ‘points to ponder’.

Whilst I’ve been at uni I’ve managed to:

– lose weight and get a grip of my diet and exercise/activity (pretty much, as you’ll remember from another recent post that’s kind of slipped lately)

– start my blog and have time to plan and make its content come to life 

– have a weekday social life: coffee with old friends on a Monday, shopping and lunch in Leeds on a Friday (obviously not all the time, I was a semi broke-ass student after all!) 

– run a home: washing kept on top off, everything fairly tidy all week and meals cooked from scratch most nights.

– spend time with Mr Alice during school holidays and just chill out together 

The current ‘points to ponder’:

– being in an office environment will probably not give me the opportunity to be as active, no more morning power walks for me

– If I forget to plan my meals the night before, I may only have less healthy options to grab during the day.

– can I be bothered to properly cook when I get home at 6ish, or will that turn into a grab ‘n go sitch too??

– if I do online shopping, where will I have it delivered?? (My office is buried in the very heart of a massive building) 

– when will I shoot blog pictures, style outfits, or see my blogging buddies? 

These points may be very placed very firmly under the heading of First World Problems, nevertheless they’re important to me and I need to somehow figure out how to make everything work. 

 So over the next few weeks my aim is to become my usual organised self and come up with some solutions, which I may share if anyone feels it may be useful. Likewise,many one else who’s been in a similar sitch as welcome to share with me as well

Wish me luck!

J 😘xx

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