BEAUTY/ Benefit Air Patrol

   As you know I’m all in on fashion/style posts and hardly ever do anything beauty, let alone a post on a single product. That’s how you know that I’m pretty into the new Benefit Air Patrol

I bought it 3 days after it launched as an impulse purchase when I was buying some more of my fave Roller Lash mascara (which was £10 off on special offer, score!) so I’ve been using it for a couple of weeks now

  I always like the #benefit packaging as they really commit to the product name; I’m totally digging the wing tip top and muted grey airline colours. The top makes it really easy to find in my make up bag as well.

Benefit advertise this as a BB cream eyelid primer that “helps protect your delicate eyelids against sun, smoke and pollutants” and adjusts to you natural skin tone…tall order right? There’s also this unique Cushion Calm tip that’s meant to be “softer than your pinkie” *  

 It is indeed as soft as blending in with you finger, in fact its even better because you don’t get the liquid on your hands. As it was described to me when I bought it, it’s almost like massaging your eyes awake in the morning! Another fab feature is the click release at the bottom- click right for the amount you need (it says one click per eye which is about right) but if too much comes out, we’ve all done it when we’re starting a new product haven’t we, simply click right and it gets sucked back in…I mean, how fab??

I’ve used it on my under eyes as well as on the lids (I’m not sure you’re supposed to but hey) and found that it blends in really well to my pale-ish skin tone and creates a really nice base. For the first week I just used this with a little eyeliner and mascara and it looked really good, no eye bags! Particularly great as I haven’t been sleeping well lately. For the last week I’ve applied shadow and a tiny bit of concealer to the corners of my under eyes and it stayed put alllllll day which doesn’t usually happen (re-dressing eyeliner that’s slid under your eyes by midday is not cute).

Verdict: impulse purchases can pay off, and this is definitely my new go to

*quotes taken from Benefit website, correct at September 2015

I’d really like to hear anyone else’s experiences with trying this out too, so tweet/comment and let me know 

Stay Stylish 

J 😘xx

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