BEAUTY/ Mud Pack Day

Today is officially #MudPackDay – frankly while the weather is weird and everyone’s tired I can’t think of a better time! 

To mark the day I was challenged by to make a home made face pack to prove that they’re just as good (and cheaper) than store bought varieties…so I spent the weekend plotting! 

After a bit of online research I decided to make a citrus oatmeal mask


 – Remove all make up so you’re fresh faced for the mask to do its thang 

– Tie all your hair back or pin it away from your face if it’s short; you don’t want to get it sticky!


 1/2 cup of oatmeal for gentle exfoliation 

  3 table spoons of natural Greek yoghurt – as well as helping to thicken/bind the ingredients it’s apparently good for reducing pores, moisturising and preventing spots 

  2 table spoons of honey (I used forest honey) – has antibacterial properties and helps tighten your skin (I’ll stay looking 21 forever, yay!)
   Juice of an orange – moisturises the skin (as well as smelling all zesty and yum) 

 Mix it all together and you come up with something like this – is it a face mask? Could it be breakfast? It can be both!

 I used an old, clean brush to apply the mask so my hands didn’t get sticky. However there was a still a little bit of spillage, luckily this is really yummy too so catching the bits that fall is kinda nice…

After you apply, leave for about 15 minutes  

 When washing it off don’t forget to catch the bits of oatmeal before they go down the drain; they’re obviously a lot softer after mixing with wet ingredients but you don’t want them blocking your pipes. 

My skin felt very fresh and smooth after removal, and it definitely made me feel a bit more chilled out in the midst of trying to redress my work-life balance. I’d take that as a win!

The only ingredient I had to buy to create this face pack was the yoghurt as I buy everything else in my weekly shop, so this cost a ridiculous £1 to make and makes enough for 2/3 applications…great for girls night in!

Now I’ve made one and seen how easy it is I’ll definitely be making more, so if you have any good recipes feel free to get in touch and share them with me.

Thanks for reading, Stay Stylish 

J 😘xx

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