As well as needing to get better with make up, my hair sitch needs some work…it’s very fine, poker straight and I’m not the best at styling it. But I think I may have met the answer to my hair ‘mares this in the form of Mr Rick Roberts!    I visited his gorgeous #Beverley salon (right near Mama Alice’s house, so we sneaked in a quick coffee date) for a session of pampering and hair education using some fabulous relaunched Matrix products.

Firstly, the salon looks and feels like a chic boutique hotel. Secondly, the   care and attention from the stylish staff was easily as good one – prosecco and water served on a silver tray, beautiful smelling lotions and potions and a relaxing hand massage to start my appointment. Fabulous.    Rick and I chatted a lot about hair care (I was made up that he liked my DIY blonde ombré) and he’s definitely busted a few of my long standing myths – products will still work when you use them all the time and drying your hair under with a brush isn’t the best way to go. The biggest one for me was that if you use a lot of products at once they won’t stop working; in fact they’ll work really well together. He proved it by mixing up some ‘cocktails’ of product and showed me how to create a good hair foundation before moving on to the styling.   Rick styled my hair in glam 70s meets #AlexaChung  undone waves using his stunning #Balmain straiteners (seriously, am I the ONLY ONE who didn’t know they did hair care?!?!) which I’ve been practising at home.. I’m a work in progress, but there’s definitely progress being made!

These are the #Matrix products Rick used to help give me #TOTALHAIRCONFIDENCE They smell AMAZING  by the way.

Thanks to Rick and his team for helping me get my hair groove ‘oooon and to Matrix for letting him share his expertise with me. I’ll be back soon!

Stay Stylish

J 😘xx

One thought on “BEAUTY/ Fab Hair, Hells Yeah… #TOTALHAIRCONFIDENCE 

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