FOOD/ A Taste of the Mountains by Ski Total

It’s New Year, so why not add some new recipes to the repertoire! 

I was challenged by Ski Total to try out one of these breakfast recipes from a ski destination in a lil’ blogger competition face off…bring it! Honestly, they all sound delicious don’t they? But the lazy gal in me won out so I picked the one that took the least time to cook…not the only reason! I thought I could tweak things slightly to make the dish even healthier for January.  This is is recipe below – I swapped the oil for sunflower Fry Light, and I tried to choose the leanest bacon I could find (though you’ll notice there’s still some fat on this) To get the potatoes nice and crispy in the outside, I left the skins on and oven cooked them for 25mins   

The end result…..  

 I think it looks pretty good! You’ll also notice that I’ve swapped the fried egg for poached… 

 But VERY delicious all the same, I’ll definitely be making this again! 

Let me know if you decide to try this (and you should)

Stay Stylish (but not hungry)

J 😘xx

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