BEAUTY/ Balmain Hair 


I can’t believe I went so long not knowing that Balmain were in the hair game! Luckily the super talented Rick Roberts skooled me a little about their products when I visited his salon.

 You may have notice in some of my more recent posts that my hair has been a little curlier, and that’s a trick that Rick taught me with the Balmain Straighteners. I previously had my GHD’s for about 7 years and they’re fab, but I was ready to try something new when Mama Alice treated me to these beauties for Christmas!

They’re a lot lighter to use and you can change the heat settings, which is great for different types of hair and styles (mine is fine but needs a bit if extra oomph to hold a curl). The best thing is the titanium plates – they glide through your hair soooooo easily, unlike GHDs which are a bit awkward to twirl around without yanking your hair or letting it fall out of the plates. My only negative is the rollaway heat mat, as it’s a lot smaller than my previous one.

Have you tried out any Balmain Hair products, did you know they existed? 

Stay Stylish,

J 😘xx

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