FASHION/ The white stuff 

If you were a kid in the 90s like me, you may now be humming “oh oh oh-oh oh, the right stuff” after reading the title of this post (bit of NKOTB appreciation there) if you didn’t and have no idea what I’m talking about, you’ll hopefully just think it’s the witty play on words I meant it to be!

I’m so obsessed with this white blazer (which is the same as the Balmain-esquire one I wore in black last week) as I usually live in trainers out of work it’s quite nice to run around in an outfit that feels a bit smarter during the day. I’m not sure how practical wearing all white errrrthang is for my day to day stuff- being an aunt to 2 under-2s and a very excitable doggy make this a challenge, alongside the fact that I’m so damn clumsy! Next time I wear it I’ll probably go monochrome and wear black skinnies so that the blazer will pop a bit more

(Little side note- I know I shoot against this door a lot, but I feel like the colour sets off some of my outfits so much better! I also notice that a lot of local bands do their promo shots against it, and LOCO magazine use it often.nbut I was the first!)

I’m also tempted to say that I wish I’d worn more of stiletto court shoe with this outfit too, but I got excited when I saw the pretty sunshine so out came the barely theres instead!

Jacket Pretty Little Thing/Tee Pretty Little Thing/Jeans Topshop/Sandals New Look (now a bargain £13 in the sale!)/ Shades Karen Mille SS’10 (SS16 version here)/ Watch Marc Jacobs

I’m currently heading to London to shoot my final piece for the Rimmel/Mail Online Volume Colourist cap pain with some other babein’ bloggers – make sure you follow me on #snapchat (thisisjennychat) and Twitter for behind the scenes action.

Stay Stylish,

J 😘xx

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