I visited Marbella at the beginning of June, which you may have seen on my Instagram feed. It was also the first time I’ve ever visited mainland Spain, which seems like an odd thing to say as I’ve been lucky enough to travel to a few places around the world, so it’s been on my ‘f**k it list’ fo quite a while.

This was a girls holiday – sadly two of them had to drop out at last minute so it was me and Mama Alice in the sun for a week. These are some of the highlights

Old town 

I haven’t heard anybody mention Marbella’s old town before, but it’s somewhere I visited a lot. It’s stunning! Lots of winding little streets, flowers climbing up the walls, cute little shops, hidden gems to eat/drink and adorable dressed up housesOne of mine and Mama Alice’s favourite restaurants was El Balcon de la Virgen. The first reason is because it’s sooooo pretty, the second was the complimentary cava they gave us on arrival! The food was pretty tasty too, hehe. Everybody was clamouring to eat outside but we chose to eat inside as there was no wait, and it was a lot nicer being surrounded by the traditional bare brick decor and more chilled out vibe.
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I’m starting with dessert- when it’s THIS epic it would be rude not to! I naively believed that churros were more of a Mexican dessert, but all over Marbella they have Churreria’s where they basically serve huge rolls of churros, chocolate (that’s what’s in the coffee cups) coffee and fresh juice. We couldn’t finish the churros, but we finished our juices and convinced ourselves that that cancelled out the naughtiness…Spaniards lurrrve themselves a coffe or 5 during the day – and we found what was claimed to be ‘the best coffee in Marbella’ at Cappuccino just down the road from our hotel. It was pretty good.

 Believe it or not, I lived on a Spanish island for almost 3 years and never ate tapas once! It’s one of my favourite foods though and we had it a few times in different restaurants during our stay. Because everywhere does it a little differently and has different options, you never have to eat the same meal twice and get to try lots of your fave things. For this is awesome.

Some bars in the old town town will offer a set 5/6 dishes for 10€ which is ridiculously good value for eating locally on a budget.

Things to do Jump on a catamaran and visit Pueto Banus. A taxi is 10-20€ but on a boat you can see the coastline, get a bit of a tan AND have a cheeky sangria en route! It’s a lovely place to spend an afternoon walking around the harbour, browsing at the beautiful designer goodies and having a drink or spot of lunch. It’s definitely more pricey than Marbs though, so be prepared.

Hit the beach. Marbella beach is fine; it’s very dark/coarse sand so not the most beautiful beach I’ve ever seen but it’s a nice change of pace from the pool. A lots of the beachfront bars/restaurants offer sunbeds in return for buying refreshments, others across the beach cost about 6€ per bed. There’s ladies strolling along the beach that will give you a massage as you lay out – Mama Alice had her feet done (15€) whilst I opted for neck/shoulder/back/arm (20€)


Ride on a Segway. If you’ve seen Paul Blart: Mall Cop, you’ll know how fab yet hilarious they look to ride on! We hired them from G2move who provided a guide to come with us to ensure our safety and we had a ball.


We stay at Senator Marbella which is a little walk from the old town and about 10minutes from Puerto Banus by taxi.

The rooftop pool is lovely – really smart decking around the pool and 2 jacuzzis, the lower level has more sunbeds and white canopy seating to relax in the shade next to the bar. The views over the mountains and the coastline from up there are gorgeous.the hotel has an underground spa which all guests a free visit to for a spa circuit- it’s absolutely massive! A great way to carry on the relaxation if you need a bit of time out of the sun.

They’ll be more travel diaries coming through the summer – #Gibraltar is next on the list. Thanks for reading!

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