BEAUTY/ Get lit – 3 highlighters you should consider buying

I’m definitely not that girl with the perfectly airbrushed, ‘selfie ready’ make up, but I do ok and enjoy playing around with different looks.

Over the past year I’ve been introduced to some great products, some brand new and others simply new to me, so thought I’d share some of those have worked out really well for me. These highlighters are different colours, consistencies and great for different things, there’s no way I could just pick one for everything right??

BECCA Shimmering skin perfector in Chapagne Pop

I feel like this is a product that people might kind of roll their eyes at and go “well duh!” but it genuinely is a pretty good product to have in your life!

I vary the use of this between day and night, depending on what I’m doing and how fancy I’m feeling. The gold-champagne shade complements a lot of my neutral shades really nicely and the colour payoff is really good. I always apply this using my Nanshy fan brush, sweeping upwards across my cheekbones and a couple of downward strokes using the side of the brush to soften the line.

Cocoa Brown Ice Goddess

Firstly – although I like this product, I was disappointed when I read recent comments made by its creator Marissa Carter about how bloggers are no longer authentic because they will say nice things about any product for the right form of payment. Based on the fact that I’ve seen Instagram posts over the last few months that have been marked as paid for ads by some medium to more well known bloggers, this statement seems all the more confusing.She has since apologised.

I worked with Cocoa Brown in my earlier blogging days (you can read the post here) and found them very lovely and supportive. I noticed not long after that they declined to gift at smaller events, but put that down to them being in higher demand after Kylie Jenner used their products. You can’t really blame them for that, and any communication I have with them still is in the same lovely tone, so I can only presume that this was a case of saying something to the press that was perhaps not that well thought out or articulated.


I didn’t actually want this when I got it – I’d been desperate to try the Rose Gold Goddess which isn’t for sale in the U.K. (boo, c’mon CB!) after trying the original Golden Goddess, and the only way I could get it was to buy The Goddess Collection from Cloud 10 which contained those two and this one. I thought I’d give it a go since it was there, and honestly I think it’s the best highlighter I’ve used to date. 

It’s an uber glowy bright silvery shade, glides easily over makeup and is perfect for a glam night out. To apply I spritz a bit on the back of my hand before using the pointed end of my B latex-free blending sponge to dab gently across my cheekbones. Then, I either use my finger or Makeup Revolution oval precision cheek brush (I got mine as part of the Contouring precision set) to gently buff it into my skin.

It only takes a little bit each time so will really last; I’ve also heard this will be coming out in its own right soon so I’m delighted I will be able to repurchase when I eventually need to.

Benefit Watts Up

This is my everyday product; as you can see it’s been very well used and battered around in my handbag! The creamy consistency glides onto the skin really nicely and the colour is a really lovely candle-lit like glow, just a little but natural but still fleeky. 

The other end of the product is a sponge to help blend in which is really handy, however sometimes I still use my oval cheek brush just to ensure it buffs in a bit more naturally.

Just because I have a top three doesn’t mean I’m not open to more recommendations; I reckon I could easily have top 5 without it being too many… maybe even a cheeky 7? Hehe. Feel free to leave any comments or links for anything else you think is a must try! 

Thanks for reading, stay stylish (and lit AF)

J 😘xx

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