May favourites 

We’re into June – so far it promises to be a month of challenges and hard work, but I’m ready for it! Make you join me over on social media to see what’s coming up. Until then, here’s what I’ve been enjoying for the past month…
Bumble & Bumble Surf Spray

I know everyone else has raved about this particular product for years, however as my hair is only really taken a curl for the past couple I haven’t bothered to try it out until I picked some up in Liverpool over Easter. Now, thanks to this beauty, my hair will now hang on to a wave for a few days with minimal re-styling…I’ve literally waited my whole life for this!

NYX Tame and Frame brow pomade

I’ve decided this is probably a pretty affordable dupe for the much-loved Anastasia Beverley Hills dip brow, and it’s probably the only brow product I’ll use until I explore some more permanent solutions (which I’m seriously considering at the moment). I’ve gone through high impact gym classes whilst wearing this and it doesn’t budge a bit, yet slides off easily with make up remover. Dream product.


I’ve always had decent lashes but wanted a bit more pow so went to see Sarah at Saks Hull to get it done. I was instantly soooo impressed!* I’ve taken to going mascara free during the day ever since. My only little bugbear is that now my lashes are so voluminous that I can’t get behind them properly to do a steady eyeliner line, but I can always get better at that.

*I’m just seeing if I can get hold of my before/after pics from Saks, I’ll insert them if I can.

Baby wipes

Such a daft one I know, but these have been everywhere with me lately and have been amazingly useful. Sticky hands? Sorted. Make up slide? No worries. Quick freshen up? They got my back. I’m defecting from moistened toilet tissue and make up wipes immediately.

Lace up everything

Crop top, Topshop/ Corset tee, Boohoo/ Jeans, Topshop (obvs)

I’m developing quite a collection – tops, jeans, chokers, shoes… don’t think I need to say much more! Above is only a small part of it, I just think this is a really easy way to get detail into your look without having to over-a cessorise, and is so frickin cool to boot.

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